How To View Posts/Profile on Bluesky Without Account

Let's talk about how to view posts and profiles without an account, can you view Bluesky posts/profiles without account? Yes you can, and here's how to go about it.
How To View Bluesky Posts/Profiles Without Account

Things To Note First  

  • Use a web browser for this task. You can use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  • Bluesky profiles always come in the<username> format.
  • To view a Bluesky profile without an account, replace the <username> in<username> with that of the Bluesky user you want to view: example, if you want to view emmanueledem's profile, you should have something like this:
  • If you have the link of a Bluesky post, you can paste it into any web browser to see it and all replies to the conversation.
  • To search Bluesky or view live conversations without an account, check out tools like Bskypulse, Firesky, and Bskyreader.

Other Top Trending Tools for Bluesky Users

How to View Bluesky Posts and Profile Without Account

For those who don't have a Bluesky account yet, you can still view Bluesky posts and Profiles without account by following these few steps. Let's start with viewing Bluesky profile first.

View Bluesky Profile Without Account

To view Bluesky profiles without account, you'll just need a web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Bluesky profiles come in the format of<username>, so to view Bluesky posts without account, just replace <username> with the username of the Bluesky user whose profile you want to view.

For example, to check out the user emmanueledem on Bluesky without an account, you'd go to

That's all about viewing Bluesky profile without account. Now let's move to posts.

View Bluesky posts without account

Use a web browser for this task. You can use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Bluesky posts begin with the profile link of the user who created the post, followed by /post/ and a series of letters and numbers. For example, is a post by the Bluesky user emmanueledem.

You can also search Google for the person's username (or full name, if you don't know it) and "Bluesky" to find their profile and posts.

You can search Bluesky and filter live content without an account.

Unlike X, developers are encouraged to create apps that make Bluesky content useful to everyone. You don't need a Bluesky account to search for keywords and usernames, or even to view live conversations as they happen. Check out these Bluesky "firehose" tools:

  • BskyReader makes it easy to find trending Bluesky content, popular users, and posts from specific regions—no account necessary. Click Search at the top to look up specific keywords and see results from posts, replies, and more.
  • Firesky is a fast-scrolling site that reshares everything that's posted to Bluesky in real time. If you want to track keywords and conversations as they're happening, click Filter at the top-right, then enter the keyword or other filter terms.
  • Bsky Pulse is similar to Firesky, but also lets you see other information, like Bluesky's most active users. You can also search for keywords in past posts, not just those happening right now.

So, if you have been wondering how to view Bluesky posts and profiles without an account, I hope you have learnt how to go about it in this blog. All thanks to Bluesky for releasing their public web interface.

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