How To Schedule Posts On X

How to schedule posts on X

Looking for how to schedule posts on X? Can you schedule posts on X? Read on to discover how to schedule your posts or tweets on X/Twitter and why it matters.

  • If you're serious about promoting your brand or business on social media, chances are you've already realized the power of X, formerly called Twitter. With millions of active users and a unique real-time nature, X can be a game-changer when it comes to reaching your target audience and engaging with your followers.

However, keeping up with X's fast-paced environment can be a daunting task. With thousands of posts or tweets being posted every minute, it's easy for your content to get lost in the noise. That's why scheduling your posts in advance can be a smart strategy to publish your posts at the right time, space them out throughout the day, and save your time posting, which ultimately maximize your impact on X.

Can you schedule posts on X

Yes, you can schedule posts on X. X provides its own scheduling feature called "Tweet scheduling." Before we go deeply into details, here's a summary of how you can schedule posts on X using the X scheduler.

  1. Compose a Tweet: Start by composing the tweet you want to schedule.
  2. Click on the Calendar Icon: Below the tweet composition box, you'll see a calendar icon. Click on it.
  3. Select Date and Time: A scheduling window will pop up. Choose the date and time when you want your tweet to be posted.
  4. Confirm and Schedule: After setting the date and time, click the "Confirm" or "Schedule" button. Your tweet will now be scheduled to be posted at the chosen time.
  5. View Scheduled Tweets: To view and manage your scheduled tweets, go to your Twitter profile, click on "Tweets and replies," and then select "Scheduled."

X's scheduling feature allows you to plan and post tweets in advance, making it a useful tool for managing your social media presence and ensuring your content is posted at optimal times for your audience.

How far ahead can you schedule X posts

  • You can schedule X posts up to 18 months in advance. This is true for both organic and promoted tweets.

To schedule a tweet, you can use the built-in Twitter scheduler or a third-party social media management tool. To use the X scheduler, simply follow these steps:

  1. Compose your tweet.
  2. Click the "Schedule" button in the top right corner.
  3. Select the date and time you want your tweet to be published.
  4. Click the "Schedule" button again.

Your tweet will now be scheduled to be published at the selected date and time.

If you are using a third-party social media management tool, the steps to schedule a tweet may vary slightly. However, most tools will allow you to schedule tweets in a similar way.

Tips for scheduling posts on X

Here are some tips for scheduling tweets:

  • Schedule tweets for different times of day and days of the week to reach your audience at the best times.
  • Use a social media management tool to schedule tweets in bulk, which can save you a lot of time.
  • Be sure to preview your scheduled tweets before they are published to make sure they look the way you want them to.
  • Monitor your scheduled tweets to see how they are performing and make adjustments as needed.

Scheduling tweets can be a great way to save time and ensure that your content is published consistently. By following the tips above, you can use Twitter scheduling to your advantage.

Here’s exactly how to schedule posts on X, why it’s worth scheduling them in the first place, and a few best practices for scheduling posts to X.

Scheduling posts works exactly like you might expect. You write the tweet now, but it sends at a later date.

There are different methods to schedule posts on X, but we'll use:

  1. X Scheduler Method
  2. Buffer Method

X rolled out its posts scheduling feature in 2020, but, it's only available on the web app, people who primarily use X on their phones may have never even noticed it.

How To Schedule Posts on X Using The X Scheduler Method

You can schedule posts directly right within your X platform. Here’s how to do:

  • Step 1: Open the X website via or app and log in. On the left-hand side of the page, select 'Tweet' and compose your message.
    Guide to schedule Posts on X

  • Step 2: Write in the content you want to tweet.
  • Step 3: Select the calendar icon. Click the calendar icon to schedule your posts instead of sending it immediately.
    How to schedule posts on X/Twitter
    photo credit: Hailley Griffis /Buffer

  • Step 4: Choose the date and time you’d like to schedule your tweet to send at.
    How to schedule posts on X
  • Step 5: Press “confirm” to schedule your post. Your post or tweet will now be scheduled for the date and time that you specified.

That's it! You've now scheduled a post or tweet for later.

X (Twitter) will remind you of this fact with some text telling you when the tweet is scheduled to post.

This is a very manual process as you need to select the date and time every time you’re scheduling a post or tweet.

How to Schedule posts on X with Buffer

Luckily, there are plenty of tools available so that you can schedule posts or tweets alongside your other social media content more easily.

Instead of using the manual method, you can schedule your posts on X with automated tools like Buffer.

  • With Buffer, you can easily add multiple tweets to your queue and set them to post at regular intervals throughout the day.

Scheduling posts or tweets with Buffer using your browser.

Here’s how to schedule your posts on X with Buffer from your browser.

  • Step 1: Sign up for a free Buffer account via It’ll only take a few minutes and their free plan is free forever, no catch.
  • Step 2: Connect your X (Twitter) account to Buffer.
    How to schedule posts on X using Buffer

  • Step 3: From Buffer, click 'Create Post' to create a new tweet. Here, you can compose your tweets and select when you want them to be posted.
  • Step 4: When you are finished, click 'Add to Queue' and your posts will be scheduled.

Scheduling X threads with Buffer

You can also schedule your X (Twitter) threads in advance with Buffer.

  • When composing your tweet, simply hit “+ Start thread” in the bottom right to turn your post into X thread.

Scheduling Posts with Buffer from your Phone

  • Scheduling your posts from the Buffer app is just as easy as using your browser.

Make sure you have a Buffer account. You can sign up for Buffer for free.

  1. Download the Buffer app for iOS or Buffer’s Android app.
  2. Select “Add a new Channel” and connect your X account.
    Connect X to buffer for schedule posting

  3. Hit the + plus button at the bottom of the app to create a tweet.
  4. Select ‘next’ when you’re done drafting and then select when you want to post your tweet.

Should you schedule tweets or post natively?

Scheduling your tweets or choosing to post them doesn’t change anything when it comes to how your tweets perform, so it’s really a personal decision.

Taking the time to schedule your social media posts in advance is a great way to:

  • Ensure you stay consistent
  • Post when your audience is online
  • Batch your work
  • Allow you to plan in advance

However, if you prefer the spontaneity of posting natively, it can be a great way to remain engaged with your followers in real-time. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which method works best for your goals and audience.

Why should you schedule posts on X?

There are a lot of great reasons to schedule your X posts in advance!

1. Scheduling posts or tweets ensures quality and consistency

  • By scheduling your content in advance you can make sure that you’re keeping up with a consistent posting schedule. This helps you stay on top of your social media strategy, plus, it also builds trust with your audience because you keep showing up.

Scheduling posts is also great if you have an upcoming campaign, which you want to use X to amplify. While you are planning your campaign, you can create and schedule all your posts or tweets in advance. When comes launch day, you don’t have to worry about the social media side of your efforts as your tweets will be posted smoothly at your chosen times.

2. Scheduling posts allows you to reach a wider audience

  • Scheduling posts or tweets is also a great way to ensure your content reaches the largest possible audience.

By scheduling post at different times of the day, you can reach audiences in different time zones and start to learn the best time for you to be posting your tweets, which will ultimately help you increase your engagement and reach on X, formerly known as Twitter.

3. Scheduling posts lets you batch your work and plan in advance

  • It’s a good best practice to tweet one to five times a day if you’re working on growing your X account. But that’s just X, most people are also posting to Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, sometimes also daily. Posting to social media manually is entirely possible, but it can eat up a lot of your productivity and time in a day.

By scheduling your posts you can plan out your content to be posted without having to manually post the tweet. You can also do batch content creation, and write several days or weeks worth of tweets at once, and then schedule them and focus on engaging rather than needing to create new content every day.

Scheduling also helps you plan in advance. You can take a look at an upcoming social media calendar to see if there are any holidays to celebrate and plan that content out beforehand.

Best practices for scheduling posts on X

If you are ready to start scheduling your posts, here are a few best practices to follow before you get started:

  • Use a social media management tool to schedule your posts in advance
  • We recommend setting up a free Buffer account, where you can start adding in all of the posts you want to schedule.
  • Schedule your posts for the times when your audience is on X.
  • Pay attention to the best time to post on X, plus when you are getting the most engagement and schedule your posts to be sent out at those times.
  • Mix up your tweet content to keep it interesting
  • Try new things on X, like scheduling your X threads or posting videos if you normally post only text, to see how it all performs with your audience.
  • Don't rely solely on scheduled posts
Don’t “post and ghost” by scheduling all of your posts and then not responding to any of the replies. Make sure that you have time set aside to engage with your followers when they reply to your posts.
  • Analyze your posts performance
Make sure you are regularly looking at how your posts or tweets are performing to see what's working and what's not and adjust your content strategy from there.

Can you schedule post on X?

Yes, you can schedule post on X. To schedule a post or tweet on X manually, here's how to do:
  • Open X on your desktop or laptop via
  • Compose the tweet you want to send later
  • Select the calendar icon
  • Choose the time and date you wish to send the tweet
  • Select "Confirm"
  • Hit "Schedule"

Scheduling posts has saved us loads of time, we hope it can do the same for you!

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