How to See Who Blocked Me on Bluesky

This is the only Bluesky Blocked Checker in the whole world, this tool lets you see who blocked you on bluesky as well as who you blocked. You can use it to check Bluesky mute list, in-common blocks, handle history, number of Bluesky active users, etc. It was developed by


To see who blocked you on Bluesky, just press the CHECK LIST button below and select "Who is blocking them" from the available options,

Then enter your Bluesky handle starting with the @ symbol (e.g @emmanueledem) and press SUBMIT. That's all, you will see all the users that have blocked you on Bluesky.

If you want to see the Bluesky top blocked list, use this free Bluesky Top Block List Checker.

If you want to see who blocked you on Bluesky, use the free Bluesky Block Checker below, press CHECK LIST.

UPDATE: You can now mute words on Bluesky, so that posts containing such words don't appear on your news feed, SEE HOW.

bluesky blocked list checker

This FREE Bluesky Block List Checker tool will show you who blocked you on Bluesky! The steps here are different from the steps used when checking who blocked you on Twitter/X.

So Just follow our easy guide, and you'll discover who blocked you on Bluesky in no time. Don't miss out on this simple method to see who blocked you!

Bluesky social is one of the decentralized social media platforms still under development. As such, there are some Bluesky features that are not yet fully implemented; including the ability to see who has blocked you. However, there are a few ways to tell if you have been blocked on Bluesky.

How to See Who Blocked Me on Bluesky

Please spare some 2 mins to read this because all the steps need your undivided attention. Right now there is only one bluesky block checker and it is called Bluesky Blocked List Checker.

I don't know if there are other Bluesky block checkers out there, but right now, this is the one that works for me and many other people who have found this Bluesky Blocked List Checker. Let me go straight to the to get started.

One of the interesting things about Bluesky is that blocks are public. This Bluesky Blocked Checker tool allows you to see which users are blocked by a specific user and also which users block that specific user. Click on the button below to see who blocked you on Bluesky.

This is the only best free Bluesky Blocked List Checker in the whole wide world. Do you want to see the block list of another Bluesky user? Bluesky blocked list ? Wondering how to check if your handle is among the Bluesky blocked list of someone else? this FREE Bluesy Block List Checker will show you who blocked you on Blueky.

To check Bluesky block users and see who blocked you on bluesky, click Check list button:

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Other Ways To See Who Blocked You On Bluesky

Try to view their profile

This is one of the ways to see who has blocked you on Bluesky. If you suspect someone blocked you, try visiting their profile while logged out or using a different account. If you see a generic message about being blocked or their profile appears unavailable, it could be an indication. However, this isn't definitive, as they might have deactivated their account or made it private. If you can't see the profile of an account that you know is public, it's possible that you have been blocked. When you try to view the profile, you may see an error message or the profile may not load at all.

Unable to Interact

This is another way to see who blocked you on Bluesky. If you try to like, reply, mention, or follow a specific user, and your actions don't seem to have any effect, it could be an indication that they have blocked you.

Profile Visibility

This is another way to see who blocked you on Bluesky. If you visit the profile of the suspected user and cannot see their posts or any other information, it could mean they have blocked you.

Lack of Notifications

If you used to receive notifications from a particular user, and suddenly they stop coming, it could be due to being blocked. This is one of the ways to see who blocked you on Bluesky.

Check their blocked list

bluesky blocked list checker

Another way to see who blocked you on Bluesky is to check their blocked list. To do this, use a different account and go to their profile and scroll down to the "Blocked Accounts" section and see if your account is listed.

Look for signs of blocking

There are a few other signs that you may have been blocked on Bluesky. For example, you may no longer see the account's posts in your timeline, and you may not be able to send them messages.

Additional Tips

If you're still not sure if you have been blocked on Bluesky, you can always contact the account directly and ask them. However, if they have blocked you, they may not respond to your message.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Blocks on Bluesky are public, so anyone can see who you have blocked.
  • If you block someone, they will not be able to see your posts or send you messages.
  • You can unblock someone at any time.

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