Verse Telecom Fibre Internet Review

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Verse Telecom Fibre Internet Review

In a place like Abuja, many people know the value of high-speed fibre optic internet to the home (FTTH). 

This type of internet is more faster than the regular internet network that uses a sim card for its operation. Remember, we are talking about Verse Telecom Fibre internet review, their pros and cons.

As businesses, educational institutions, and residents increasingly rely on fast, reliable internet connections, fibre optic technology has become the gold standard.

From our personal experience, Verse Telecom is one of the best fibre internet service providers in Nigeria.

They are known to be one of the fastest and cheapest optic fibre cable internet service providers in Abuja because of their fast browsing speed, real unlimited bundle, excellent customer care services, quick response for maintenance, affordable subscription plans, etc.

Guess what...

Verse Telecom Fibre Internet Review

Among the various optic fibre internet service providers in Abuja, Verse Telecom stands out as the overall best fibre internet service provider in Nigeria. 

It offers fast speed, reliability, and an excellent customer care service.

Verse Telecom is gradually replacing many ISP companies in Nigeria, as many users are migrating in numbers on a daily basis. 

This is as a result of its excellent fast speed internet service, 24/7 customer care service, affordable monthly subscription plans which are unlimited, etc, unlike other ISPs.

Verse Telecom leads the market with its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive coverage, ensuring that users enjoy seamless internet experiences whether for  FTTH homes, work, streaming, or gaming. 

Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes them a preferred choice. 

Verse Telecom Fibre Internet Pros

High-Speed Connectivity:

Verse Telecom offers some of the fastest internet speeds available in Abuja FCT, ensuring a seamless online experience for activities such as streaming, gaming, and video conferencing.

Once installed at your home, business premises or office, you can connect up to 32 devices per time and still have a fast speed internet.

You can easily manage or change your network username and password to the one you like.

Service Plans: 

Majority of users find the available plans to be very cheap and flexible, with more options to customize based on specific needs or usage patterns, potentially reduces overpayment for unneeded features. 

Right now, the FTTH bandwidth subscription plans and prices are as follow:

10Mbps - N18000

20Mbps - N28000

30Mbps - N38000

40Mbps - N45000


Known for its robust and stable connections, Verse Telecom minimizes downtime, providing consistent internet access critical for businesses and households alike.

Good for heavy internet users, video calls, youtube video streaming, video editors, PS5, gamers, etc

Customer Service: 

Verse Telecom is praised for its excellent customer support, offering prompt and effective assistance for any technical issues or service inquiries.

Installation Time: 

Setting up fibre optic internet is very fast and be completed within a few days, there are no potential delays in installation due to infrastructure requirements, which are convenience to new customers.

Advanced Technology:

Utilizing cutting-edge fibre optic technology, Verse Telecom delivers superior performance compared to traditional broadband services, including lower latency and higher bandwidth.

Comprehensive Coverage: 

Verse Telecom has extensive coverage in Abuja FCT, making it a viable option for a wide range of users across different locations within the area.

Subscription Renewal method: 

Verse Telecom makes it very easy for customers to renew their monthly subscription plan, once it is about to finished. 

How To Renew Your Verse Telecom Subscription

To renew your Verse Telecom monthly subscription, just contact the Customer care department on WhatsApp via +2349164160000 or +2349152193339 to get the company's account details and then make your payment.

After that, forward your teller or evidence of payment to the company's Customer Care Representative on WhatsApp via +2349164160000 or +2349152193339.

That's all, in some cases, it may take some time for your internet to come up again, sometime within a few hours or within some minutes, sometimes it make take up to an hour before you can start using the internet.

How To Change Your Verse Telecom Router WiFi Password and Username

To change your Verse Telecom router WiFi password and username, follow these are all steps:

  • Plug your Verse Telecom router to an electricity and make sure the green light at WLAN is blinking
  • Turn on your WiFi on your phone or Laptop and connect to the network by inputting your WiFi password
  • Once it shows CONNECTED, Check the back of your router device and you will see an IP address (
  • Open Chrome browser and type in the IP address the exact way you see (including the dots), then tap on the Enter or Go button.
  • In the next page that opens, you will be asked for a username and password to login. Input the word root as username and the word admin as password, then click on LOGIN.
  • Click on Advanced Button
  • Click on WLAN
  • You can now Change your Username and Password  to a new one and then click on APPLY to save the changes.

Verse Telecom Fibre Internet Cons


The high-quality service and advanced technology come at a slightly premium price, but not really expensive sha... 

Installation fee of N150k per home, is now N50k because of promo price. We know this might sill be a drawback for budget-conscious customers or those looking for more economical options. 


While Verse Telecom has extensive coverage in Gwarinpa, Kubwa, Wuye, Sokale, etc, there may still be some areas within Abuja FCT where their service is not available, limiting access for some potential customers.

However, work has been put to place to ensure Verse Telecom Fibre Internet reaches you wherever you are.

How To Subscribe To Verse Telecom Optic Fibre Internet Service

To get started, fill this form and use my referral code EMMANUEL EDEM for more special services.

Verse Telecom Fibre Internet Review

Joining Verse Telecom in the top five fibre optic internet companies are IPNX Nigeria, Spectranet, Smile Communications, and FibreOne. 

Each of these providers brings unique strengths to the table. IPNX Nigeria is known for its robust network and business solutions, Spectranet offers affordable plans with excellent customer support.

Smile Communications delivers consistent performance with flexible packages, and FibreOne is recognized for its expansive coverage and high-speed connections.

For anyone in Abuja FCT seeking the best in fibre optic internet, these top five companies, led by Verse Telecom, provide the most reliable and advanced services available.

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