How to See Who Unfollowed Me on Bluesky

Curious to know who unfollowed you on Bluesky? In this helpful guide, we'll show you how to easily track changes in your followers' list on the platform. Discover simple methods to see who unfollowed you on Bluesky, without any hassle or intrusion. Stay informed about your followers' activities with these friendly tips. Let's get started and find out who unfollowed you on Bluesky!

How to check who unfollowed me on Bluesky

Method 1: Manual Checking

This is the first way to check who unfollowed you on Bluesky. If you're curious about who unfollowed you on Bluesky and have a specific person in mind, you can manually check their Bluesky profile. Just visit their profile, tap the box labeled "Following," and view the list of accounts they follow. If you notice that your account is missing from the list despite being previously followed, it indicates you've been unfollowed. However, if you have a large number of Bluesky followers and manual checking isn't feasible, you can explore alternative sites and apps in method 2 below for tracking Bluesky unfollowers.

Alternatively, you can follow these simple steps to see who unfollowed you on Bluesky manually:
  1. Open Bluesky and navigate to your profile.
  2. Click on "Followers" to view your current followers' list.
  3. Compare this list with a previous list you have saved or remember.
  4. Look for any missing names, and these are the accounts that have unfollowed you.
The manual checking method described above is based on publicly available information on Bluesky. It may not provide real-time or accurate results in all cases, as follower changes could occur without notification. Additionally, Bluesky's features and interface may evolve over time, potentially affecting the accuracy of the manual checking process. Users are advised to exercise caution and consider using additional methods, such as third-party apps or Bluesky Analytics, for a more comprehensive analysis of their followers' activities.

Method 2: Third-Party Apps and Websites

The second method to see who unfollowed you on Bluesky is to use third party apps. Recently, Bluesky implemented significant changes to enhance the security of your personal information. Consequently, numerous third-party apps designed for Bluesky were affected due to reliance on the old Bluesky application program interface, or API. However, there are still some apps that effectively help you see who unfollowed you on Bluesky. We've listed them below for your convenience.

This app provides detailed insights into your followers on various social media platforms, including Bluesky, Threads, Twitter, Instagram, and more. It shows you who unfollowed you, who follows you back, and other valuable statistics.

Social Blade is a popular tool for tracking social media analytics. It offers information on followers, unfollowers, engagement, and more for platforms like Bluesky, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Threads and Twitch.

To use any third party app to see who unfollowed you on Bluesky, follow these steps:

  1. Visit reputable third-party apps or websites designed to track unfollowers on Bluesky.
  2. Grant access to your Bluesky account for the app to analyze your followers' list.
  3. The app will display a list of accounts that have unfollowed you recently.

Remember to exercise caution when using third-party apps and only use trusted and reputable ones to protect your account's security and privacy. 

Method 3: Analyze Notifications

This is another way to check who unfollowed you on Bluesky. To get started;

  1. Pay attention to Bluesky notifications. If someone follows you and then unfollows shortly after, Bluesky sometimes sends a notification.
  2. Check your "Mentions" and "Notifications" tab regularly to see if any users mention or tag you in an unfollow-related post.

Method 4: Bluesky Analytics

This is another method to check who unfollowed you on Bluesky.

  1. If you have a Bluesky Ads account, access Bluesky Analytics.
  2. Navigate to the "Followers" section to view your recent follower activities. 
  3. Analyze the data to identify accounts that have unfollowed you.

How to Find Out Who Isn't Following You Back on Bluesky Using an App

Just like on Instagram, Twitter or Threads, you may wonder who isn't following you back on Bluesky. Save time and find apps that share data on both unfollows and unreciprocated follows. Here are some options:
This iOS app shows who unfollowed you, who doesn't follow you back, and your most engaged users.
Another iOS app that reveals unfollowers, both Bluesky and Instagram non-followers, and top interactors with your posts.
This app provides extensive data on your Bluesky audience, including accounts that don't follow you back and your most engaged followers. Note that access to data after the free trial requires a $15/month subscription.

Remember, focus on enjoying Bluesky and the content you love, rather than dwelling on follower numbers.

Important Considerations

  • Beware of Scams

Be cautious when using third-party apps, as some may request access to your Bluesky account for malicious purposes. Always use trusted and well-reviewed apps or websites.

  • Privacy Concerns

 While you may want to know who unfollowed you, keep in mind that not everyone wants their actions tracked. Respect others' privacy and focus on building meaningful connections instead.

  • Social Media Etiquette

Instead of dwelling on unfollowers, focus on creating valuable content and engaging with your audience positively.

Final Word

In conclusion, using third-party apps or manual methods, you can easily see who unfollowed you on Bluesky. Stay informed about changes in your followers' list to better understand your social media presence. Remember to prioritize meaningful interactions and respect others' privacy while using these tools. Discovering who unfollowed you on Bluesky can help you improve your online connections and have a more fulfilling social media experience.

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