How To Use Bluesky - Critical Tips For New Users

Are you new to Bluesky and wondering how to make the most of this decentralized social media platform? Discover critical tips and a step-by-step guide on how to use Bluesky, from setting up your account, logging in, accessing its unique features to engaging with the vibrant community, this article will enlighten you on how to use Bluesky effectively and embrace its potential for connecting with the world. Get ready to navigate and maximize your experience on Bluesky!

How To Use Bluesky

Bluesky is a fun place where news, links, and funny memes are shared. It's like Twitter, and everything is public by default. This is actually good because your jokes can become super popular and you can talk with famous people, journalists, athletes, and artists in one place! It's a cool way to connect with friends and interesting people.

  • Follow our tips to get started on Bluesky, and set yourself up for a more fulfilling experience.

Generally speaking, posts show up in the order they happen. At the top of a Bluesky feed, you'll see posts that are only a second old. New posts appear at the top, pushing the older ones down. If you haven't signed on in awhile you might get a box of recommended posts you may have missed, but outside of that the equation is simple: The further down you scroll, the older the posts get.

This immediacy has made Bluesky the go-to place to watch protests unfold around the world, follow and comment on sports games or TV shows as they happen, and make fun of celebrity missteps right when the news is hot. The best (and sometimes worst) part is that the people sharing information and posting photos aren't necessarily newscasters. Anyone can be a reporter or a cultural critic on Bluesky, and that's led to a universe of diverse viewpoints, all amplified organically.

On Bluesky, you can share different things like links, photos, GIFs, or videos. But if you're only writing text, you can only use up to 300 characters. Bluesky lets you post short updates with text, up to four images, and links. It might feel limiting at first, but you'll get used to it and start enjoying the short and to-the-point style. It helps make your posts concise, and you won't have to read long rambles when checking other people's updates. Some people think using Bluesky makes us better writers because we learn to express ourselves in fewer words.

If you're new to Bluesky and don't know what to do, it can be confusing. You might not know who to follow, what to post, or if your posts show up on your page. You might also miss what your friends post, and wonder what an RT is. But don't worry! Follow our tips to get started on Bluesky and have a better time using it.

How to Make a Bluesky Account on Desktop

  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2: Choose your hosting provider
  • Step 3: Input your invite code
  • Step 4: Input your username
  • Step 5: Complete your details
  • Step 6: Submit

The "username" that you provide will be your display name. That will be your username, or handle, and people can notify you by typing @ in front of your username in a tweet. Choose something you like that you think isn't taken, but also something easy to remember for others.

Email address or phone number is a form of authentication that will help in case you ever lose access to your account. You'll want to use a phone you actually have access to because the next step will ask you to verify a number sent via text.

Pick a password, and make it secure. You don't need a troll getting a hold of your account and dismantling the reputation you've worked so hard to build.

Once you're in, click on the grey silhouette next to the "Post" button on the top right of your screen, and click "Settings & Privacy." 

  • Step 6: Pick an avatar

The default picture is a silhouette, but you can make your avatar whatever you want (your face, a dog on a skateboard, the possibilities are endless). Just click the silhouette and head to "Profile" and then click "Edit Profile" on the right underneath the blue bar. You can update your header photo from this place, too. Be sure to read Twitter's rules for avatar images to make sure what you pick is not in violation.

  • Step 7: Write your bio.

You may wish to list where you work, live, or a line from a favorite poem in your bio. This is the short blurb that lets potential followers know who you are and what you're likely to post. There is also a handy spot to list your website, if you have one.

How to Make a Bluesky Account on Mobile

  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2: Choose your hosting provider
  • Step 3: Input your invite code
  • Step 4: Input your username
  • Step 5: Complete your details
  • Step 6: Submit

Choose whether you'd like to sync your contacts. This may help you find Bluesky followers you know, but if you don't want to, just hit "not now."

  • Step 7: Search for interests. 

This will help Bluesky recommend good profiles for you to follow. Bluesky will provide you with some accounts you can follow based on your interests. Pick out a few you like. If you see them to start you feed off on the right foot.

You're in! Simply click on the blue button on the top right to post, the grey silhouette on the top left to change your profile picture and settings, and get posting!

How to Search on Bluesky

Bluesky isn't about friending—it's about following. You can follow people you know personally, or artists or projects you're a fan of. You can follow robots and parody accounts. Really, you can do whatever you like.

  • Step 1: You may already be following some people if you selected some during your account set up. But,
  • Step 2: In the top right-hand box, you can search for people you like. If you're a fan of GZA, follow GZA. If you love the Golden State Warriors, follow Steph Curry. And if you enjoy reading Fadatechmas, follow Fadatechmas.
  • Step 3: As you keep using Bluesky, the platform will keep suggesting people for you to follow. If you're using the app, these suggestions will appear in your feed, or on the side of the screen if you're on the website.
  • Step 4: If you're in the mobile app, you can also click on the Connect feature, which will offer you suggestions based on what you've tweeted or liked.
  • Step 5: You can keep adding people on Bluesky without any limits. However, when you follow around 100 to 250 accounts, you'll notice that more posts will appear in your feed. If you want to see even more content, continue adding people. But do it gradually and see how you like it.

Your First Post on Bluesky

Before you start firing off posts, it might help to know a little about the mechanics.

  • Step 1: Each post can have up to 300 characters. Although it may seem too short to say something important, it's actually not. You can use post threads to make complex points by posting multiple times. Keeping your thoughts concise makes your statement stronger, easier to read, and more shareable.
  • Step 2: If you have a lot to say on Bluesky (more than 300 characters), you can easily create a Bluesky thread. Just start with your first post, click the "Post" button, and then use the + button at the bottom right to add more posts and make a longer message.
  • Step 3: To include a photo, video, poll, or gif in your post, use the options available in the bottom bar of the "Compose new Post" box. Don't worry, adding a photo won't reduce your 300 characters limit. You can even add up to four photos or a video that is less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds long and 500mb in size.
  • Step 4: Sharing a link in your Post will decrease your character count by 23 characters. Pro tip: Leave a space between your text and the link. Otherwise it may include the entirety of the link in your character count.
  • Step 5: Hashtags are best used for adding to a larger conversation, and the most popular ones show up on the left side of the "Home" tab. Hashtags are clickable, too, so you can tap on a hashtag to see all the posts related to that topic.

Know the Bluesky Lingo

The more you browse Bluesky and find people whose posts you think are smart or funny, the more you'll see some shorthand lingo flying around. Here's what's that:

  • An @, or a mention, is when you include somebody's @blueskyname in the post. The person will be alerted that you mentioned them. Use it to send a public "hey, over here," or to add somebody on a conversation that's currently happening.
  • RP means "repost." When you repost someone, you can either just repost their post by itself, or you can add your own commentary (Quote post). If you do that, when you post your post, the post you're commenting on will appear just below your comment.

Soon Bluesky will allow you to Direct Message with people who have that feature turned on. It's often called at DM, and it allows you to further conversations in private and chat with groups of people. While all regular posts are public, including @-mentions, a DM is totally private. Only the people included in the DM can see it.

Setup Lists and Follow Hashtags

Many people find Bluesky challenging to keep up with. If you're not online, you might miss tweets from others. But that's okay because Bluesky is like a big hangout where everyone chats openly and simultaneously. 

Bluesky sometimes filters your timeline, prioritizing posts from your favorite people based on who you interact with the most. Then, it shows real-time posts in reverse order, helping you catch up on what happened while you were away. It's a useful feature to stay updated with the latest news and conversations.

Still, if you don't want to miss a beat, here are some tips.

Go directly to the page of the person you want to follow closely and see what they've posted.

Search for the hashtag of the event you wish to follow, then tap on the "Live" tab to see the most recent posts in the larger conversation.

Turn on your notifications. You can set your mobile app to send you push notifications based on popular posts from your activity and when news breaks. This is really helpful if you want to keep track of your favorite folks and news outlets, but can't be online all day to watch.

Bluesky Privacy

On Bluesky, everything you post is visible to everyone by default. But you can change that if you want a private experience. You can set your account to private, so only people you approve can follow you and see your posts. Most people keep their accounts public, though. If someone is bothering you or posting mean things, don't hesitate to block, mute, or report them. These options are there to help you have a happier time on Bluesky. So, go ahead and enjoy posting!


In conclusion, mastering how to use Bluesky is essential for new users to fully explore the potential of this decentralized social media platform. By following critical tips on account setup, navigation, and engagement, users can make the most of their experience on Bluesky. From connecting with a diverse community to sharing news, links, and memes, Bluesky offers an exciting space for expression and interaction. By understanding its public nature and embracing the platform's unique features, users can enhance their online presence and connect with influencers, friends, and like-minded individuals. Additionally, the ability to customize privacy settings ensures users have control over their interactions and content visibility. So, start your journey on Bluesky with confidence, and enjoy the limitless possibilities of this dynamic social media platform!

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