How To Use Hashtags On X

How to use X hashtags

Curious about how to use hashtags on X? Wondering how to make your content stand out in the sea of tweets? Wondering if you're making the most of these powerful tools? Unlock the potential of X hashtags to maximize your brand's visibility.

Get ready to dive into a comprehensive guide on using X hashtags effectively. From understanding their significance to exploring trending and niche tags, we'll cover it all. Uncover the dos and don'ts, find trending hashtags, and explore tips to enhance engagement. Master the art of hashtag usage and amplify your X presence like a pro!

Are you leveraging hashtags to amplify your brand's or client's presence on X?

Skipping hashtags can cause your content to drown in the sea of tweets, while excessive use can dilute your message's impact.

Staying updated on X's latest rules, such as the temporary limit for new users accessing 600 tweets daily, is crucial. Trust me, you'll want a piece of that 600. One way to achieve this is by incorporating relevant and targeted hashtags into your content.

This comprehensive guide unveils how to discover and use X hashtags that align with your client's intended audience:

Here's what we'll cover in this article:

  • Understanding X hashtags and their importance
  • The dos and don'ts of using X hashtags
  • Finding trending X hashtags
  • A collection of widely-used X hashtags
  • A compilation of 66 niche hashtags for diverse clients
  • Evaluating the relevance of your X hashtags

Understanding X Hashtags and Their Significance

What exactly is an X hashtag? In 2007, hashtags started on X, formerly known as Twitter, and now they're prevalent on other platforms like 

  • Instagram
  • Mastodon
  • Truth
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • TikTok

A hashtag consists of the hash symbol (#), sometimes known as the pound symbol in the US, immediately followed by a keyword or phrase. For example, adding the # symbol in front of 'Social Media Marketing' creates the hashtag: #socialmediamarketing.

Why Use X Hashtags?

Hashtags group tweets and make it easier for people to follow topics they like. Searching for a topic shows relevant tweets instantly.

According to X, Tweets with hashtags boost marketing results, like +18% message association, +8% brand awareness, and +3% purchase intent. (Source = X)

So, use hashtags to help people discover and connect with your content.

The Dos and Don'ts of Using X Hashtags

The Do's of Using Hashtags

  • Incorporate one or more hashtags in your tweet. While X suggests using a maximum of two hashtags per tweet, feel free to use more if it suits your purpose.
  • Leverage hashtags to explore trending topics by typing them in the search bar or clicking on hashtagged keywords under trending posts.
  • Devise a hashtag strategy for consistency. This strategy connects your client's brand with X trends and their target audience.
  • Create memorable branded hashtags. Ensuring easy spelling and recall is essential for encouraging followers to use your unique hashtag.
  • Balance relevant and trending hashtags. Experiment by combining niche and popular hashtags.

The Don'ts of Using Hashtags

  • Avoid using hashtags in ads meant to drive traffic to your website. X discovered that ads without hashtags or mentions generate 23% more clicks.
  • Refrain from overusing hashtags. Overloading your content with keywords can confuse algorithms. Each tweet should convey a single idea.
  • Keep it natural. Your hashtags should seamlessly fit into your post. If your brand's slogan or name doesn't align, skip using them.
  • Eliminate spaces and punctuation. For instance, '#Social Media' references 'Social,' while '#SocialMedia' references 'Social Media.'

How to Find Trending and Popular X Hashtags

Using hashtags only makes sense if they're being searched for. To identify trending and popular hashtags for your tweets, explore these tools:

The primary place to check for trending hashtags. The sidebar offers a personalized list of top trends based on your location and followed accounts.
An excellent tool for discovering trending and popular hashtags, along with related suggestions, influencer insights, and more. Enter a hashtag you're interested in using. For example, let's stick with the #WorldCup:
And you'll see results for:
  • Popularity = 79.5%
  • Recent Popularity = 83.8%
  • Month Trend = +31%
  • Week Trend = -3%How to use hashtags on X
  • Trendsmap:
    Shows current Twitter trends globally, allowing you to explore trending topics across various locations.
    Another valuable resource to explore trending and popular hashtags, providing insights on instant and long-term visibility.
    Social Media Management Tool:
    Utilize tools like Sendible to find relevant hashtags and monitor industry-related trends and keywords.

    A Compilation of Popular X Hashtags

    Research by HubSpot shows that tweets with hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweeted. Here are some widely-used and effective hashtags:

    • #competition
    • #influencer
    • #influencermarketing
    • #fridayfeeling
    • #MondayMotivation
    • #tbt
    • #wcw
    • #thursdaythoughts
    • #traveltuesday
    • #blessed
    • #goals
    • #vegan
    • #fitness
    • #science
    • #fintech

    Choose relevant hashtags for your posts. Consider if your audience would like a post related to a hashtag's subject. This applies to both trending and niche-specific hashtags.

    Using holidays on X boosts brand awareness and connects you with your audience. Whether it's Valentine's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, or cause-related events like Earth Day, Pediatric Cancer Month, Black History Month, and LGBTQA+ Month, even big sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday – you'll find ideal hashtags to promote your client's brand and strengthen relationships with the X community.

    A Compilation of 66 Niche Hashtags for Your Clients

    To help you create an optimized X hashtag strategy for your clients, we've compiled niche hashtags across various industries:

    • Real estate
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Healthcare
    • E-commerce
    • Digital marketing agency
    • Fashion
    • SaaS
    • Franchises

    Real estate niche hashtags

    • #realestateagent
    • #realestateinvesting
    • #realestatebudget2023
    • #CooperativeHousingSocieties
    • #househunting
    • #dreamhome
    • #housing

    An additional tip for real estate posts: Experiment with adding a hashtag of a city/town where the estate is located.

    Restaurants niche hashtags

    • #restaurants
    • #fastfood
    • #foodies
    • #chef
    • #cuisine
    • #plantbasedfoods
    • #quickmeals
    • #foodbloger
    • #recipe

    An additional tip for restaurants and bars: If you're sharing a tip, recipe or a new dish/drink on the menu, make sure to use hashtags that describe it, such as #veganproducts, #sauce, #bakedgoods. Additionally, you can add a location hashtag to your post.

    Hotels niche hashtags

    • #hotelnews
    • #travelservices
    • #travel
    • #shortstayaccomodation

    Healthcare niche hashtags

    • #guthealthmatters
    • #mentalhealthawareness
    • #mentalhealthmatters
    • #healthyliving
    • #healthtech
    • #MedEd
    • #TipsForNewDocs
    • #medicare
    • #clinicaltips
    • #MedTwitter

    While you should use some of these hashtags in your posts, you need to keep in mind that a lot of other, non-healthcare brands use some of these hashtags to raise awareness. This is why you should include more precise hashtags to target the right audience. You could experiment with combining location and service hashtags along with the above-mentioned ones (e.g. #blooddonation, #teethwhitening, #dentalsurgery, #periodontist, #cancerprevention).

    E-commerce niche hashtags

    • #inyourbestinterest
    • #offers
    • #promo
    • #deals
    • #onlineshopping
    • #ecommercessentials
    • #buyintoart
    • #printsforsale

    An additional tip for e-commerce businesses: Be aware that a lot of marketers use these hashtags in their posts. So, to make sure you're targeting the right audience, you'll have to get a bit more granular with your hashtag strategy. Are you an #entrepreneur sharing a #entrepreneurtip? Or are you offering a special #blackfriday #discount to the first 20 users that sign up for your #newsletter packed with #fashiontips? Are you running a #flashsale campaign or are you #hiringnow new #customerservice agents?

    Digital marketing agency niche hashtags

    • #MarketingAgency
    • #MarketingServices
    • #DigitalMarketing
    • #SocialMediaMarketingTips
    • #AgencyLife
    • #SocialMediaAgency

    An additional tip for social media and digital marketing agencies: sprinkle the hashtags in your copy as well. This way they'll become a natural part of your story and you'll be able to include other relevant hashtags, such as social media platforms (e.g. #TikTok), particular industries (#ecommercemarketing, #MarketingForStartUps, #DoctorsMarketing), and topics (#userexperience, #influencermarketing).

    Fashion niche hashtags

    • #fashionstyles
    • #mensfashion
    • #womensfashion
    • #ootdStyle
    • #luxury
    • #lookoftheday
    • #outfit

    An additional tip for fashion brands: The new generation of consumers cares deeply about causes you support, so make sure to tag your holiday and cause campaign posts with adequate hashtags such as #ecofirendly, #supportlocal, #prideweek.

    SaaS niche hashtags

    • #b2b
    • #scale
    • #saas
    • #b2bbusiness
    • #software
    • #apps

    An additional tip for SaaS businesses: Try combining these general hashtags with hashtags that are targeting your audience's pain points or interests, as well as what you specialise in (#cybersecurity, #CRO, #CRM, #socialmediamanagement).

    Remember, combining general and specific hashtags, along with location and branded hashtags, can make your strategy more effective.

    Checking the Relevancy of Your X Hashtags

    It's super important to use hashtags that fit what you're talking about. If you use ones that don't make sense, you might get the attention of the wrong people and your account could even get in trouble. Here are three methods to ensure your hashtags are relevant:

    1. Check Existing Hashtag Definitions: Utilize tools like TagDef to understand what a hashtag means before using it.
    2. Follow Influencers: If respected influencers in your niche use a hashtag, it's likely relevant. Verify its suitability by searching on X.
    3. Create Catchy Hashtags: Ensure your new hashtags don't already exist and consider length and capitalization for better readability.


    Harnessing the power of hashtags on X is essential for expanding your reach and engaging your target audience. Implementing relevant hashtags strategically will not only keep your clients satisfied but also attract new opportunities. So, before deciding on X's viability for your clients, revisit your hashtag strategy to maximize their impact.

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