Top 20 Most Active Users on Bluesky

Most active users on Bluesky

Who's using Bluesky the most? Want to know who's making a big impact on this social media platform? Find out the top 20 most active users on Bluesky. According to Bluesky stats by Vqv, these are the users with the highest number of posts on Bluesky. These active members are engaging the Bluesky community with their awesome content, making it an exciting place for everyone. Let's check out Bluesky's most active users!

Top 20 Most Active Users on Bluesky

As at today, August 2023, Bluesky has over 500,000 active users. According to Vqv.App, these are the top 20 most active users on Bluesky:

  1. (133226 posts) (no display name)
  2. ai (99517 posts)
  3. robot butler (33541 posts)
  4. illumi (32616 posts)
  5. mark (29102 posts)
  6. The Star Raiser🍟 (27882 posts)
  7. assigned poster at birth (26472 posts)
  8. なゆも (っ^ω^c) (25306 posts)
  9. ゴリラ٩( ᐛ )و (24565 posts)
  10. Worbler (23924 posts)
  11. 0xAlmir (22502 posts)
  12. Amin Shahbazi (22300 posts)
  13. KIMBERLY💕 (22185 posts)
  14. Faine Greenwood (20845 posts)
  15. Je Hyeon Sim 심제현 (grampy (19488 posts)
  16. ben (19463 posts)
  17. flepipe jotabê (19450 posts)
  18. Kairi, Estrogen Empress (19403 posts)
  19. Khatun Jessica 🏳️‍⚧️🦋🏴‍☠ (19137 posts)
  20. ☁️Now🤖Breezing💨 (18542 posts)

These are the top 20 most active users on Bluesky who have made Bluesky an enriching and vibrant platform, inspiring others to share their thoughts and connect with the community. Their contributions showcase the diversity of voices and ideas within the Bluesky ecosystem, making it a truly unique and engaging space for everyone involved. As Bluesky continues to grow, we look forward to seeing more incredible contributions from these users and many others!

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