Can You Block Someone on X Without Them Knowing?

Are there friends, classmates, colleagues or family members who you don't want them to see your tweets, retweets and thread on X anymore? You don't even want them to view your profile on X anymore, so you block their accounts. However, at the same time, you are trying to play cool because you don't want them to know that you have blocked their accounts, so how do you block someone on X without them finding out that you have actually blocked them? How do you find out if someone has blocked you on X? Let's discuss...

Can You Block Someone on X Without Them Knowing? 

Considering the above question, you can't block any user on X without them knowing. Even if they aren't aware of the block immediately, they will definitely find out that you blocked and I'll show you how they will know. Meanwhile, if you want to know how to block someone on X, here's how:

Navigate to their profile (on the web or on the official mobile app), select the three vertical dots next to the Follow/Following button, then select Block @username.

What does this means? Blocking someone on X prevents them from following you from that account, plus: they won't be able to view your tweets, retweets and threads. If they try to follow you, X will show them a message that says "You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user." That's when they will know that you have blocked them on X.
  • What does this means? This confirms that you cannot block someone on X without them knowing. It implies that even if it may take time for the person to know that you have blocked them, they will definitely find out that you have blocked them if they later try to follow you or search for your account, because they will see a message that clearly tells them that you blocked them.

Whether there's someone who's constantly harassing you, or you're being spammed with random links from bots, or you're tired of receiving unnecessary comments from other X users, blocking accounts can put an end to it. But how do you block someone on X without them finding out? Is it even possible to block a friend on X without them knowing? No, there's no way you can block someone on X without them knowing.

Does X Notify You When Somebody Blocks You?

X will not send you a notification if someone blocks you. The same is applicable when you block someone on X - the person you block won't get a notification that you blocked him or her. The only way you can tell you've been blocked is to visit the other user's profile and see the X block message.

If you suspect you were blocked by someone, it's up to you to investigate and confirm it. If you don't even realize that a particular user is missing from your timeline, you might never even know you've been blocked.

Additionally, tweets from a user that you blocked are removed from your timeline if you were previously following them. X also automatically removes the user you blocked from your followers list. Likewise, your tweets no longer show up in a blocked user's timeline if they previously followed you.

Keeping Track of Your Blocked Users

If you block a lot of users, X has some advanced options you ​can take advantage of to keep track of everything. You can export a list of your blocked users, share your list with others, import somebody else's list of blocked users, and manage your list of imported block users separately from your full list.

  • To access this, select your profile picture > Settings and privacy > Blocked accounts, and you should see a list of blocked users. Select Advanced options, then choose to either export your list or import one.

Is There a Way to Prevent Someone From Finding Out You've Blocked Them?

There's no way to keep a user from finding out you've blocked them. If you block someone and they visit your profile or try to follow you again, they will see a message telling them you blocked them. So the best thing to do is to make your X account private. That way, you can control who follows you and you can avoid blocking people in the first place.

X Muting: A Friendlier Alternative to Blocking

If you really want to stop communication between you and a particular user on X, blocking is usually the best way to achieve that. However, if you simply don't want to be bothered by a particular user, but you don't want to permanently end the relationship, you can simply mute them.

Muting is just what it sounds like. This handy feature essentially allows you to temporarily (or perhaps permanently) filter out all the noise that another user is making in your main feed or @replies without having to actually unfollow or block them.

To do this, just select the three vertical dots on a user's profile, then select Mute @username.

The muted user can still follow you, see your tweets, and even @reply to you, but you won't see any of their tweets in your feed (if you follow them) or any of their @mentions in your notifications.

Does muting stop direct message on X? But, muting has no effect on direct messaging. If a muted account messages you, it still shows up in your direct messages.

Alternatively, you can remove followers if you don't want to appear in their feed. On the web, go to Profile > Followers, and then select the three dots next to the person's name and click Remove this follower. Just like with blocking or muting, someone you stop from following you won't receive any notification that you've done this. However, nothing will stop them from following you again.

Why X Don't Notify You When Someone Blocks You

X's decision not to notify you when you have been blocked may be driven by several factors:

  1. Protecting your privacy: X may believe that notifying you of blocks would infringe on the privacy of the person that blocked you. By keeping blocks hidden, you have more control over your online interactions and can choose to disengage from others without creating conflict or confrontation.
  2. Avoiding unnecessary drama: Notifying users of blocks could potentially lead to unnecessary drama or conflict between the two parties involved. By not sending alerts, X may hope to minimize the likelihood of online arguments or harassment.
  3. Enabling self-discovery: Some users may prefer to discover that they have been blocked on their own terms, rather than being explicitly notified. This could allow them to process the situation privately and decide how to respond without external pressure.
  4. Encouraging open communication: By not highlighting blocked users, X may aim to promote open communication and encourage users to resolve their differences directly. This approach could foster a more mature and respectful online environment.
  5. Focus on user experience: X's primary focus may be on providing a positive user experience for everyone, regardless of block status. By avoiding block notifications, X may strive to keep the platform focused on content and engagement rather than interpersonal conflict.

X's decision not to inform users of blocks reflects a balance between privacy, conflict avoidance, and open communication. While some users may prefer explicit notifications, Twitter's approach aligns with its goal of creating a welcoming and inclusive online space.

If you believe a blocked user may also be a spammer, you can report the account to X.

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