How To Buy Gh¢200 GCB or ADB Voucher For HTI Admission Application

If you want to apply for Ghana Health Training Institution (HTI) Nursing Training admission 2024/2025, one of the requirements is a Gh¢200 voucher from GCB or ADB. Here is how to buy Gh¢200 GCB or ADB voucher for your HTI admission application.

How To Buy Gh¢200 GCB/ADB Voucher For HTI  Admission Application

From what we know, a good number of prospective applicants don't even know how to go about to purchase their GCB or ADB vouchers for HTI application, and this guide is targeted towards this set of applicants, to enlighten them on how to buy their vouchers from GCB bank or ADB bank, and also to guide them navigate their HTI Nursing training admission process seamlessly.

How to Buy Voucher from GCB/ADB Bank

If you're eyeing enrollment at Ghana HTI (Health Training Institution), you'll need to navigate the process of buying a Gh¢200 GCB or ADB voucher for your application.

Here's your comprehensive guide to making that crucial purchase and setting your academic journey in motion.

How to Buy GCB or ADB Voucher for HTI Application

1. Locate Nearest GCB or ADB Branch:

Begin by identifying the Ghana Commercial Banks (GCB) or Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) branch that is nearest to you. This post has listed some of the branches already.

GCB and ADB are the designated institutions authorized to sell the HTI nursing training application vouchers to prospective candidates.

Here are the addresses of some Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) branches that are authorized to sell these Nursing Training Admission voucher across different regions in Ghana:

  • Accra Main Branch - High Street, Accra, Greater Accra Region
  • Kumasi Main Branch - Adum, Kumasi, Ashanti Region
  • Takoradi Main Branch - Market Circle, Takoradi, Western Region
  • Tamale Main Branch - Liberation Road, Tamale, Northern Region
  • Cape Coast Main Branch - Pedu Junction, Cape Coast, Central Region
  • Koforidua Main Branch - Somanya Road, Koforidua, Eastern Region
  • Ho Main Branch - Civic Centre Road, Ho, Volta Region
  • Sunyani Main Branch - Sunyani Central Market, Sunyani, Bono Region
  • Tema Main Branch - Community 1, Tema, Greater Accra Region
  • Bolgatanga Main Branch - Bolgatanga Central Market, Bolgatanga, Upper East Region

These are just a few examples, and GCB Bank has over 214 Branches across Ghana. For specific addresses and more branches, you can visit GCB's official website or contact their customer service.

2. Visit the Bank:

Armed with this information, visit the nearest GCB or ADB branch during their operating hours, which is usually between 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. 

Once you enter the bank, go to the bank's customer service desk or designated voucher issuance counter and tell them you want to buy GCB voucher for HTI admission application. 

3. Provide Necessary Details:

You'll be required to furnish certain details for the voucher issuance process. Prepare to provide some documents, which may include your full name, contact information, and any other relevant identification or documentation as per the bank's requirements.

4. Make Payment:

Upon providing the requisite information, proceed to make the payment of Gh¢200 for the HTI admission voucher. 

The bank will generate and issue the voucher to you promptly upon successful completion of the transaction.

5. Retain Voucher and Receipt:

Ensure you securely retain both the purchased voucher and the accompanying payment receipt. These documents are vital for initiating your HTI admission application process and serve as proof of payment.

Importance of the Gh¢200 GCB/ADB Voucher

Before delving into the purchasing process, let's grasp the significance of the Gh¢200 GCB/ADB voucher for HTI admission.

This voucher serves as your ticket to initiating the application process, unlocking access to a world-class technical education at HTI.

It's the gateway to realizing your academic aspirations and pursuing excellence in your chosen field.

Documents To Go With

When buying an admission voucher from Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) for institutions like HTI, it's advisable to bring the following documents to ensure a smooth transaction:

1. Identification Document:

Carry a valid form of identification such as a national ID card, passport, or driver's license. This document is necessary to verify your identity and may be required by the bank for transaction purposes.

2. Payment Method:

Bring cash or any other accepted form of payment to cover the cost of the admission voucher. Ensure you have sufficient funds to complete the transaction smoothly.

3. Application Information:

If applicable, come prepared with any relevant application information or details required by the institution for which you are purchasing the admission voucher. 

This may include your full name, contact information, and other identification details.

By bringing these documents and being prepared with the necessary information, you can expedite the process of purchasing an admission voucher from GCB for HTI or any other institution.

Additionally, it's always a good idea to contact the bank or HTI directly beforehand to confirm any specific requirements or procedures for purchasing admission vouchers.

Tips for a Smooth Transaction:

Plan Ahead:

Anticipate potential queues or waiting times at the bank, especially during peak hours or busy periods. Plan your visit accordingly to minimize any inconvenience.

Bring Valid Identification:

Carry a valid form of identification such as a national ID card or passport to facilitate the voucher issuance process and verify your identity.

Confirm Voucher Validity:

Upon receiving the voucher, double-check that all details are accurate and confirm its validity period. This ensures a seamless application process without any hiccups.

You see? this is not a rocket science! 

All you need to do is enter any GCB bank branch that is nearest to you and tell the cashiers or customer care that you want to buy a voucher for HTI admission application. 

According to HTI, the 2024/2025 Nursing training admission application voucher costs a total sum of Gh¢200

The sale of admission forms is currently ongoing at all GCB Bank Branches! Get your form for Gh¢200 today.

Sales end on Friday 31st May 2024.


Buying the Gh¢200 GCB/ADB voucher for HTI admission application is your pivotal first step towards realizing your academic aspirations at the Ghana Health Training Institution.

By following this comprehensive guide, you'll navigate the purchasing process with ease, setting the stage for a rewarding educational journey filled with growth, opportunities, and success.

Start your journey today and unlock the doors to a brighter future at HTI.

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