Bluesky Banner Dimensions: Recommended Size

Now let's talk about the Bluesky banner dimensions, display size, format specifications, banner proportions and pixel resolution.

Bluesky Banner Dimensions

The aim of this post is to let you know the recommended Bluesky banner dimensions that display accurately, and how to resize your Bluesky banner dimension to the recommended pixel resolution of 2048x2048px without cropping out any of your important information.

Recommended Bluesky Banner Dimensions

The recommended Bluesky banner dimension is 2048x2048 px PNG image. Meanwhile, the actual portion that gets into the final banner is a 2048x512 px portion directly in the centre of the banner. So set your banner pixel dimension to 2048x2048 px before your upload it on Bluesky, and you will see that all your banner information will display well.

Talking about format specifications, Bluesky supports banners that are JPEG, GIF, or PNG file formats.

So to get a perfect Bluesky banner dimensions, take your banner, resize it with a photo resizer like to a pixel dimension of 2048x2048 px, let all your information be at the centre, save/download it, then upload it on Bluesky, that's all.

Using Twitter banner on Bluesky

After some trial and error, I finally figured out how to display my Twitter banner correctly on Bluesky! Turns out, the culprit was the image size. While my Twitter banner works well with a solid color background and off-center graphics, Bluesky wasn't showing it properly. It seems it was just zooming in on the center, leaving out the important parts.

The Bluesky display dimensions is approximately the same 3:1 ratio (1500x500px) as on X, formerly called Twitter, but the difference is that a square banner works best on Bluesky.

So to use your Twitter banner on Bluesky, the solution is to take your 1500x500px banner, resize it in photo resizing apps like,, adobe, etc to 2048x2048 px PNG image, with a centre anchor, and then just colour the blank pixels an appropriate background colour just in case the image shifts/crops differently on mobile.

This experience reminds us that sometimes, a simple adjustment in design or format can make a big difference in how things appear online. So, if you're facing similar display issues, don't give up! Experiment, adjust, and you'll eventually find the sweet spot.

Things to Know

While resizing your banner pixel dimension to an ideal Bluesky banner dimension of 2048x2048 px, try to make all your important informations fall within the centre of the banner, and then just colour the remaining blank pixels an appropriate background colour just in case the image shifts or crops differently on mobile.

For Bluesky's banner from the website, I made a 2048x512 dimension banner but quickly found out that it would stretch my image in height. So I added some alpha around it to make it a 2048x2048 PNG image. And when I upload it to Bluesky, it doesn't show the empty space and displays the image I originally created in 2048x512 correctly.

That's what worked for me. Hope you've had some success.

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