How To Create Bluesky Mute List & Curated Feed

How To Create Bluesky Mute List & Curated Feed

This articles explains how to create Bluesky mute list and curated feed. After you have finished reading this article, you will be able to create Bluesky mute list, add people to it and create your own curated feed.

What Curated Bluesky Feed Means

When talking about how to create a curated Bluesky feed, what does the word ''curated'' means? In the context of creating a curated Bluesky feed, the word "curated" has a specific meaning beyond its general dictionary definition of "selecting and organizing with care." Here's how it breaks down:

Selection: You are hand-picking a specific group of users or sources whose content you want to see in your feed. This is in contrast to a default Bluesky feed, which shows posts from everyone you follow in chronological order.

Organization: You can further refine your selection by applying filters and rules to the feed. This allows you to exclude unwanted content like replies, spam, or posts outside your chosen topic.

Focus: The ultimate goal of curation is to create a personalized and focused feed that aligns with your interests or needs. This could be a feed featuring news updates, academic discussions, or artistic creations, tailored to your specific preferences.


Imagine creating a curated feed with your favorite podcasters, artists, or journalists. This way, you would only see content from these specific sources in your feed, avoiding the noise of general Bluesky activity. Another example could be a curated feed focused on a specific academic field. By adding relevant scholars and institutions to your mute list, you would receive updates and discussions without getting overwhelmed by unrelated content. When talking about curated Bluesky feeds, "curated" refers to the act of actively selecting and organizing content to create a personalized and focused experience based on your specific interests or needs. It's about taking control of your Bluesky experience and shaping it into something relevant and valuable to you.

Steps to Create a Curated Bluesky Feed

Here's how to get started with SkyFeed and create your own curated Bluesky feed:

1. Set up a SkyFeed Account

Go to to create your SkyFeed account. If you already have a SkyFeed account, you will need to Sign in. You can use your Bluesky account or connect via another supported platform. But before you do that, first of all generate an App Password, Go to your Bluesky settings and create an app password specifically for SkyFeed. It's not your main bluesky login password.

2. Setting Up Your Mute List

In Bluesky, head to Settings > Moderation > Mute Lists. Click + New Mute List and give it a descriptive name relevant to your curated feed theme (e.g., "Political science, News Aggregator," "Foodie Friends"). Omnce you are done with that, it's time to populate your mute list. Browse user profiles and click the three dots (...) icon to "Add to lists". Choose your newly created list for each approved user.

3. Build Your Feed in SkyFeed

How To Create Bluesky Mute List & Curated Feed
skyfeed screenshot via paul musgrave

Navigate to Feed Builder within SkyFeed. You'll see an interface with various input, filter, and search options. Don't worry about the complexity for now; we'll break it down.

Input: Click the dropdown and choose List. Select your previously created mute list from "Your Lists." Optionally, add your own account as another input block using +Add Block > Input Single User.

Filters: Use +Add Block > Remove blocks to eliminate unwanted content: Remove replies to avoid clutter. Consider removing "Hellthread" content depending on your preferences.

Search: Use the RegEx field to specify keywords or hashtags related to your feed's theme. For example, if your list focuses on politics, you might use "politics," "election," or "#POTUS." Note, use pipe symbols (|) to include multiple keywords (e.g., "politics|economy").

4. Save Your Feed

Review your feed structure and ensure the order of blocks makes sense (Input -> Filters -> Search). Click Save Feed and give it a clear, descriptive name. Share your feed link with others and encourage them to contribute if suitable. 

  • Remember, mute lists are public. Others can see your list members. 
  • Consider using existing public mute lists to save time and effort.
  • Keep your feed engaging and relevant by monitoring and adapting your filters and keywords.

With these steps, you've successfully set up your SkyFeed account and created your very first curated Bluesky feed. Enjoy the power of personalized content and explore the exciting world of Bluesky curation.

5. Share Your Feed

Share your feed link and encourage approved users to contribute. Public mute lists can be used instead of creating your own, saving moderator work. The order of input, filters, and search in the feed builder matters. This is a guide for curated feeds, but non-curated options also exist on Bluesky. This text offers a detailed walkthrough of creating a curated Bluesky feed with approved contributors and controlled content.

How To Create Bluesky Mute List & Curated Feed
example of skyfeed final result via Paul Musgrave

Steps To Create a Bluesky Mute List

  • You can create multiple lists for different purposes.
  • You can use existing lists by looking for public mute lists curated by others that align with your interests.
  • You can add your own profile to your curated feed if you want to see your own posts.
  • Mute lists are public, so, be mindful of whom you add, as anyone can see your lists.

A Bluesky mute list isn't like the mute buttons you may be familiar with on other platforms. While it lets you silence unwanted content, its true power lies in curating a personalized feed. By creating a list of approved users, you can tailor your Bluesky experience to focus on content that interests you. Here's how to create a bluesky mute list:

  1. Log in to your Bluesky app.
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu (usually via an icon with gears or cogs).
  3. Locate the "Moderation" section and look for options related to muting, blocking, or content filtering.
  4. Find the "Mute Lists" option, this might be directly under "Moderation" or nested within another menu.
  5. Create Your First Mute List by clicking on "New Mute List."
  6. Give your list a descriptive name that reflects its purpose, e.g., "News Aggregator," "Foodie Friends," or "Crypto Updates."
    How To Create Bluesky Mute List & Curated Feed
    screenshot of bluesky mute list option - via paul musgrave

  7. Start populating your list by browsing user profiles and find those you want to include.
  8. Click on the three dots (...) icon in the corner of their profile and select "Add to lists."
  9. Choose your newly created list.
  10. Repeat Step 8 for each user you want to "approve" for your curated feed.

Use Skyfeed or other tools to build a feed that only shows posts from the users on your list. Filter your main feed. Use your mute list in conjunction with other moderation tools to fine-tune what you see on your regular Bluesky timeline. Avoid distractions and noise by ensuring your content comes from sources you trust and value. Remember, creating a mute list is an ongoing process. You can constantly add, remove, and refine your list to keep your Bluesky experience personalized and fulfilling. So, experiment, explore, and enjoy the power of curation on Bluesky.

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