How To Tell If Bluesky Account Is Public Or Private

How To Tell If Bluesky Account Is Public Or Private

How can I know if a Bluesky account is public or private? Unfortunately, due to the decentralized nature of Bluesky, there's no single, foolproof way to definitively determine if an account is public or private. However, there are a few clues and workarounds you can use:

Indicators of Public Accounts

Profile Visibility

If you can search for and access the user's profile page, including their posts and followers, it's likely a public account. Imagine Bluesky like a big neighborhood party, where everyone can mingle and chat freely. Public accounts are like houses with their doors wide open - anyone can walk in, say hi, and see what's going on. You can peek at their decorations, listen to their music, and even join in the fun if you like. Private accounts are like houses with locked doors. You can see the address and maybe even catch a glimpse through the window, but you can't just barge in. To get inside, you need to be invited or knock and wait for someone to let you in.

So, when you're trying to figure out if an account is public or private, just think about the door. If it's open and you can see everything, it's probably a public account. If it's locked or hidden, it's likely private. Of course, some people might have their doors open sometimes and closed at other times, just like on Bluesky, users can change their privacy settings. But in general, a wide-open door is a good sign that you're welcome to come in and say hello!

Following/Follower Count

Public accounts typically display their follower and following counts. Private accounts might not show these or only show them to approved followers. Imagine Bluesky like a big neighborhood party, where everyone can mingle and chat. Public accounts are like open houses: anyone can walk in, see what's going on, and even join the conversation. So, just like a house with lots of visitors, public accounts often have a high "follower count" – lots of people are following along to see what they're up to.

On the other hand, private accounts are more like secret clubhouses. You need an invitation or special password to get in. So, their follower count might be hidden or much smaller, because only approved people can see their stuff. It's like a private party where only close friends are invited.

So, when you're trying to figure out if someone's account is public or private, checking their follower count can be a helpful clue. If it's big and open, like a bustling party, it's probably public. But if it's low or hidden, like a secret hangout, it's more likely private.

Of course, it's not always a perfect rule. Sometimes even secret clubhouses have a few curious onlookers peeking through the windows. But in general, follower count can give you a good first impression of whether you're walking into a lively public bash or a private gathering. Hopefully, this makes it a bit easier to navigate the Bluesky neighborhood and figure out who's hosting the open houses.


If you can directly interact with the account (e.g., like, comment, reply) without restrictions, it's likely public.

Server Information

Look for the server the account uses in their profile. Many public servers have dedicated sections for public profiles or directories.

Clues for Private Accounts

Restricted Profile Access

While you might find the account in searches, accessing their profile or content might require following them or receiving an invite. Instead of seeing their posts and followers like usual, you're met with a message like "This account is private" or a big ol' lock symbol. Bummer, right? That's your first clue you've stumbled upon a private account. They're basically saying, "Sorry, not just anyone can hang out here."

Follow Me First

You can see their username and maybe even a profile picture, but that's it. To actually see their content, you need to send a follow request and wait for their approval. It's like knocking on their door and hoping they'll let you in.

Missing in Action

Sometimes, private accounts might not even show up in search results or be completely hidden from public view. It's like they're off the grid, living their best private life online. 

Missing Information

The profile might lack follower/following counts, posts, or other details typically found on public accounts.

Lock Symbol

Some apps might visually indicate private accounts with a lock symbol next to the username. Remember, just because an account is private doesn't mean they're doing anything shady. Maybe they just prefer a smaller circle of online friends, or they're not comfortable sharing everything publicly. It's their prerogative. So, the next time you encounter one of these clues, don't take it personally. Just move on and keep exploring the vast Bluesky universe. There are plenty of other open houses and friendly faces waiting to be discovered.

Can I Make My Bluesky Account Private?

Unfortunately, as of today, December 2023, making your Bluesky account fully private in the traditional sense (like on Instagram or Facebook) is not yet possible. Bluesky is in its early stages of development, and the core protocol currently prioritizes open and decentralized communication. This means that all posts and interactions on the network are publicly accessible by default.

However, there are still ways to control who sees your Bluesky content and who can interact with you:

Choose your server carefully

Different Bluesky servers have different policies and features. Some servers might offer more privacy options than others. For example, some servers allow you to restrict who can follow you or see your posts. Do some research and choose a server that aligns with your privacy preferences.

Use post visibility settings

While you can't make your entire account private, you can control the visibility of individual posts. Many Bluesky apps allow you to choose who can see a specific post, such as only your followers, only people you mention, or everyone on the network.

Block users

If you're concerned about specific users seeing your content or interacting with you, you can block them. Need a little help? See how to block someone on Bluesky. This will prevent them from following you, seeing your posts, or sending you messages.

Use caution with personal information

Be mindful of what personal information you share on Bluesky, as it is a public network. Avoid sharing things like your home address, phone number, or other sensitive information.

Keep an eye on future developments

The Bluesky protocol is constantly evolving, and new features are being added all the time. It's possible that full account privacy will be implemented in the future. So, stay up-to-date on the latest Bluesky news and developments.

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