Best Beginner TikTok Equipment 2024 - What you Really Need

Best Beginner TikTok Equipment 2024 - What you Really Need

Do you want to start creating professional TikTok videos in 2024? Are you ready to stand out from the crowd on TikTok? Wondering which sets of equipment you will really need to start creating contents on TikTok in 2024? Find out about the essential accessories you will need for content creators on TikTok in 2024.

TikTok Equipment: The Top 5 TikTok Video & Audio Accessories For 2024

Discover the best beginner equipment for TikTok in 2024. Find out which equipment you need to buy to become a professional TikToker in 2024.

1. Smartphone microphone

Smartphone microphone - Best Beginner TikTok Equipment 2024 - What you Really Need
Bulatry BMi07 smartphone microphone for TikTok 2024

This is one of the equipment you should buy if you want to take your TikTok content creating business to the next level in 2024. 

Your phone's built-in microphone is okay for regular use, but if you want better TikTok videos for your fans, consider using any of these external microphone made for smartphones in 2024.
A good microphone will capture clearer sound, reduce background noise, and improve your video's overall audio quality.

One popular choice I recommend is the Bulatry BMi07 smartphone microphone, liked by many TikTok creators. It works well for both cameras and smartphones, providing excellent sound at an affordable price of $24.99. Right now, you can order this microphone from on Amazon.


  • If you have an iPhone without a headphone jack, you'll need a 3.5mm lightning adapter cable.
  • For Androids without a headphone jack, a 3.5mm to USB-C adapter cable is required.

Another option is a microphone that plugs straight into your smartphone. For this, I usually recommend the MA5L shotgun microphone for iPhone lightning or the MA5C for USB-C devices. These options are great for upgrading your TikTok microphone.

2. Video Light

VGC-30 LED Ring Light - Best Beginner TikTok Equipment 2024 - What you Really Need
VGC-30 LED Ring Light for TikTok live streaming 2024

A ring light is another important equipment that you should add to your list of items needed to start a professional TikTok live streaming and contents creation career in 2024.

Good lighting is essential to make your TikTok videos appear well-made and professional in 2024. A ring light is a popular accessory that you attach to your phone or camera to give your face soft and even lighting.

Fadatechmas offers two options:

  • The VGC-30 LED Ring Light is professional-grade and affordable for most TikTok creators. It has adjustable brightness, a remote control, and a built-in phone holder, making it user-friendly and ideal for video lighting. You can check out its price on Amazon.
  • For a more portable option, consider the Sensyne LED-XS. It provides bright, rechargeable light with a balanced mix of warm and cool LEDs in a compact size that easily fits in your bag or pocket, perfect for when you're on the go.

3. Tripod

Sensyne Tripod- Best Beginner TikTok Equipment 2024 - What you Really Need
Sensyne Extendable Tripod for TikTok Creators 2024

The Tripod is another essential equipment you need to buy if you're planning to start creating TikTok videos and live streaming in 2024. I'll show you which Tripod is best for you based on durability and budget.

Why Need a Tripod?

  • A tripod is a really important tool for TikTok videos because it helps keep your camera steady while you film. 
  • This is especially useful when you're trying out the latest dance trends.
  • It stops the camera from shaking or moving around, whether you're recording yourself or someone else.

The Sensyne Extendable Tripod is a great choice for TikTok creators and I am recommending it for you too. Why this Tripod? Well, nothing much, just that it's not so heavy to carry around, plus; it's very strong, and you can adjust its legs and head to get the perfect angle for your video. Isn't this amazing? I still have another option for you.

If you need something smaller and easier to carry, take a look at TONEOF tripod for TikTok. It's adjustable and compact, and the legs fold up to make it comfortable to hold in your hand.

4. Smartphone Lens

Godefa Smartphone Lens - Best Beginner TikTok Equipment 2024 - What you Really Need
Godefa Smartphone Lens - Best Beginner TikTok Equipment 2024

Smartphone lens are another sets of equipment you should have if you want to become a professional TikToker in 2024.

Today's smartphone cameras are really good. But sometimes, it can be better if you change your camera by adding a detachable lens designed for smartphones.

If you're interested in trying out different and new smartphone lens for your next TikTok video, I'll show you the one I usually use. You might have seen lenses that you attach to your phone, but I assure you that this one offer top-quality glass that delivers high-quality video, not just unique shots and angles.

Why Need a smartphone Len?

  • A wide-angle lens widens what your camera sees, letting you capture more of the scene without moving your camera away.
  • Smartphone lens like Godefa will help you film your next TikTok video by capturing more of the world around you.

You might have seen TikTok videos with a dramatic fish-eye effect, creating a circular and slightly distorted view. (Think of Busta Rhymes videos for those born in the 90s.) Movo has a fantastic fisheye lens that will give your next video a very distinctive appearance.

5. Wireless Audio Systems

Movo's WMX-2 wireless lavalier microphone - Best Beginner TikTok Equipment 2024 - What you Really Need

If you've been on TikTok lately, you might have noticed creators using small microphones. Recently, new series of tiny wireless microphone systems that offer top-quality sound in a very small package surfaced online.

Their Wireless Mini series is perfect for creators who are often on the move. It provides clear audio for things like interviews, skits, and more. These Wireless Mini versions are made to work with iPhones, USB-C smartphones, and cameras.

For videographers who want professional audio for their TikTok videos or any other film projects, Movo's WMX-2 wireless lavalier microphone systems are a great option.

Whether you're new to TikTok or already popular on the platform, having some new gear can really improve your content. We're here to assist with any gear you need, and we're excited to see what you create! Remember us when you become a TikTok sensation!

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