Core Principles of Bluesky

Top 7 Core Principles of Bluesky Social

What are the core principles of Bluesky social? Read on to find out what this platform focuses on as its core principle. 

Bluesky is an innovative initiative with a mission to transform social media into a shared public commons. 

Unlike traditional social media platforms that aim to own users' social connections and communities, Bluesky strives to be a tool that empowers communities to own and govern themselves. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the core principles of Bluesky and explore its vision for a decentralized and inclusive social networking experience.

Protecting Users in an Open Commons

Bluesky recognizes that for an open commons to thrive, it must provide a framework that safeguards the well-being of its participants.

Instead of leaving safety solely in the hands of individuals, Bluesky acknowledges the responsibility to address online abuse and harassment, particularly for those most vulnerable.

By acknowledging the importance of community formation and shaping social spaces, Bluesky's moderation tools aim to facilitate community-driven moderation while protecting the interests of its users.

Proposal for New Moderation and Safety Tooling

To further enhance the moderation and safety measures within the Bluesky ecosystem, the team has published proposals for new tooling on GitHub. 

These proposals focus on user lists and reply controls, community-driven moderation, moderator services to assist smaller communities, and the customization potential of hashtags.

While the labeling proposal addresses moderation, hashtags offer mechanisms for content discovery and personalization. Bluesky encourages feedback and discussion on these proposals to refine and improve their implementation.

Building a Public Commons for Democratic Conversations

Bluesky's overarching objective is to create a shared public commons for open and decentralized conversations. As a public benefit company, Bluesky believes that discussions forming the foundation of a democratic society should take place in spaces accessible to all.

While Bluesky operates as a company to drive a cohesive vision, it strives to avoid monopolistic control and ensures users can transition away without losing their social connections and digital homes.

Addressing Conflicts Between Business Interests and the Open Web

Centralized social media companies often encounter conflicts between their business interests and the principles of the open web. Third-party developers face limitations, moderation policies clash with diverse user needs, and engagement-focused algorithms prioritize ad revenue.

Recognizing this systemic problem, Bluesky advocates for decentralization to foster a harmonious relationship between business interests and the open web. By supporting the development of connected infrastructure and offering alternatives, Bluesky aims to break the cycle of conflict between social media companies and the open web.

Crafting a Great User Experience

Bluesky aspires to create a user experience that stands out from the emotionally chaotic nature often associated with social media. The team envisions a social space that is simple to use, incorporating sensible defaults and easy configuration options when conflicts arise. 

Bluesky emphasizes the need to address toxicity, which may arise even from well-intentioned users, by providing mechanisms to downregulate harmful behaviors. 

Additionally, Bluesky recognizes the burden placed on community managers and aims to provide tools that help prevent burnout. The goal is to strike a balance between fostering friendly spaces and avoiding excessive policing, respecting diverse viewpoints and observing natural norms within the network.

The Development Process and Community Involvement

Bluesky values user feedback and has actively responded to suggestions during the private beta phase. By incorporating user input and conducting extensive research, the team has developed moderation proposals and safety measures for the Bluesky app.

The intention behind sharing these proposals is to generate discussion and gather developer feedback, as the success of these tools depends on widespread adoption. Bluesky views these proposals as building blocks that can be expanded upon and refined through collaboration.

Community Guidelines and Moderation Policies

Alongside the development of moderation tooling, Bluesky has been working on policies and processes to effectively moderate its services. The recently updated Community Guidelines outline the principles that promote a safe and enjoyable experience within the Bluesky Social platform. 

The guidelines emphasize treating others with respect, prohibiting threats of violence, harassment, hate speech, and the promotion of self-harm or extremist conduct. Bluesky is committed to enforcing these guidelines by removing offensive content and suspending or removing users who violate them.

Bluesky acknowledges that moderation is essential not only on its own services but also on other platforms that adopt the AT Protocol. While individual servers within the federated model have discretion over their moderation policies, Bluesky aims to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for users accessing the network through its services.

However, if users disagree with a server's moderation policies, they have the freedom to take their accounts, social connections, and data to another service that aligns with their preferences.

Moving Forward: Proposals and Feedback

Bluesky's proposals for moderation and safety tooling are not the final iteration of an open network but part of an ongoing development process. Bluesky invites users, developers, and communities to engage in discussions and provide feedback on these proposals.

Collaboration is crucial to refining and enhancing the tools, norms, and policies within the Bluesky ecosystem. The team encourages users to contribute feedback through the Bluesky app and GitHub to shape the future of the public social commons.


Bluesky envisions a transformative shift in the landscape of social media, aiming to create a shared public commons where communities own and govern themselves. By prioritizing user safety, embracing decentralization, and fostering a great user experience, Bluesky seeks to break free from the limitations and conflicts faced by traditional social media platforms. Through open dialogue, collaboration, and continuous development, Bluesky aims to build a resilient, inclusive, and enjoyable social networking environment.

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