Why Bluesky Builds Public Commons

Here Is Why Bluesky Social Builds a Public Commons

In the fast-paced digital world, where social media platforms have become integral to our lives, Bluesky Social stands out as a unique endeavor. With a mission to foster open and decentralized public conversation, Bluesky aims to create a shared public commons.

In this blog post, we delve into the reasons behind Bluesky's commitment to building a platform that allows users to freely engage while preserving their autonomy and ensuring the sustainability of the open web.

Preserving Democratic Public Conversations

Bluesky's primary goal is to develop and promote technologies that facilitate large-scale adoption of open and decentralized public conversation. In a democratic society, public conversations serve as the cornerstone of healthy discourse and diverse perspectives. To nurture this ideal, Bluesky envisions spaces that operate as shared public commons, accessible to all and free from the unilateral control of a single global company.

Rejecting Lock-In and Embracing User Autonomy

While a company structure is instrumental in realizing a cohesive vision, Bluesky recognizes that imposing restrictions on users within their system would contradict its mission. Rather than exerting total control over everyone's experience indefinitely, Bluesky aims to provide a platform where users can exercise their freedom to participate or disengage without sacrificing their social lives. By allowing users to walk away while retaining their connections, Bluesky fosters a sense of autonomy and empowers individuals to make choices that align with their values.

The Conflict Between Business Interests and the Open Web

Bluesky acknowledges the historical conflict between business interests and the principles of the open web. Centralized social media companies often engage in practices that exclude third-party developers and create moderation policies that may not cater to the diverse needs of various user groups.

Moreover, the pursuit of profitability often leads to algorithms that prioritize engagement at the expense of a healthy and inclusive online environment. This systemic issue has repeated itself as centralized platforms rise and fall, causing disruptions and limitations for users and developers alike.

The Precarious Nature of Social Networks

Some may view the transient nature of social media platforms as inconsequential, akin to clubs that thrive one day and disappear the next. However, this perspective fails to acknowledge the significant impact these networks have on people's lives and livelihoods.

When a social network shuts down, individuals lose their connections, creative work, and even their businesses. Social media platforms have evolved beyond mere products; they have become digital homes where users invest substantial time and effort.

The Consequences of Mediated Relationships

Even when functioning correctly, social media platforms introduce peculiar dynamics by mediating relationships through a single company. The management of the internet has tangible real-world consequences, particularly when these platforms control our identities, connections, and financial opportunities. Being entirely dependent on a founding company without any alternative options poses a precarious situation for users, creating a substantial power imbalance that can have far-reaching consequences.

The Vision of Bluesky: Breaking the Cycle

Bluesky aims to reconstruct social networking by eliminating the lock-in effect associated with a single founding company. While striving to offer a cohesive and enjoyable user experience, Bluesky ensures that users always have an exit strategy. Users can seamlessly transfer their accounts to other providers, developers can operate their connected infrastructure, and creators can maintain access to their audiences.

By doing so, Bluesky endeavors to break the cycle of conflict between social media companies and the open web, promoting a more sustainable and user-centric online ecosystem.


Bluesky's commitment to building a public commons reflects a fundamental belief in the importance of open and decentralized public conversation. By providing an alternative to the limitations and risks posed by centralized social media platforms, Bluesky aims to empower users, developers, and creators to engage in a digital space that fosters autonomy, inclusivity, and the sustainability of the open web. Through their vision and actions of creating a platform that prioritizes user autonomy and fosters a sense of community, Bluesky Social aims to reshape the landscape of social media.

In the pursuit of their mission, Bluesky recognizes the significance of collaboration and inclusivity. They understand that building a public commons requires the participation of diverse stakeholders, including users, developers, and content creators. By involving these key players in the decision-making process, Bluesky ensures that the platform reflects the needs and values of its community.

One of the core principles guiding Bluesky's development is decentralization. They acknowledge the potential conflicts that arise when business interests take precedence over the open web.

By embracing decentralization, Bluesky seeks to empower third-party developers, provide a space for diverse moderation policies, and mitigate the negative impact of profit-driven algorithms.

This commitment to decentralization promotes innovation, accountability, and user-driven customization, ultimately fostering a healthier and more equitable online environment.

Bluesky's vision extends beyond the concept of social media as a transient club or a product. They recognize the profound impact social networks have on people's lives, businesses, and creative endeavors.

By offering an alternative to the monopolistic control of digital homes, Bluesky endeavors to protect users' investments and ensure that their connections and creative work are not lost when a platform shuts down. Bluesky believes in providing continuity and stability in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

The philosophy of Bluesky aligns with the broader movement toward a more user-centric and inclusive internet. By championing the values of user autonomy, open conversation, and decentralized governance, Bluesky aims to empower individuals to take ownership of their digital lives.

They recognize the power dynamics inherent in centralized social media platforms and strive to rebalance that power by offering viable alternatives and fostering a sense of agency among users and creators.

In conclusion, Bluesky Social's commitment to building a public commons stems from their belief in the importance of open and decentralized public conversation. By providing a platform that prioritizes user autonomy, preserves digital continuity, and embraces decentralization, Bluesky aims to break the cycle of conflict between social media companies and the open web.

Their vision for a more sustainable and user-centric online ecosystem sets them apart as a pioneering force in the realm of social media platforms. As Bluesky continues to develop and grow, their dedication to creating a shared public commons will shape the future of digital communication and community-building.

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