How To Grow Your Spoutible Account & Gain New Organic Followers

Ready to unleash your inner Spoutfluencer? This comprehensive guide unlocks some essential tips for growing your Spoutible account and attracting a loyal following, organically and authentically. From content creation to community building, discover 10 proven strategies to boost your organic growth, engage your audience, and become a Spoutible star in 2024.

How To Grow Your Spoutible Account & Gain New Organic Followers

As of early June 2023, around 240,000 users were registered on the platform. There are more than 450,000 accounts on Spoutible today, with more than 326,000 global monthly active accounts and more than 100,000 posts posted daily. First, to reach these accounts and gain new followers, you need an inviting profile. You also need to engage with influencers, post, repost, tag people, and use relevant hashtags, use images and videos, and promote yourself or brand. Let’s find out how to increase Spoutible followers organically.

Customize Your Profile

screenshot of a customised spoutible account
Screenshot of a customised spoutible profile - Christopher Bouzy, Spoutible Founder

Make sure to have a complete profile with your full name or company one and a handle that fits your brand. Create a keyword-friendly bio that includes a link to your website and a personal photo or company logo. To make sure your page stands out, customize the color scheme, and use a header image to match your brand.

Examples of complete profiles:


  • Full name: Sarah Jones, Marketing Specialist
  • Handle: sarahjonesmktg (or sarahjmarketing)
  • Bio: Passionate marketing professional with 5+ years experience in social media and content creation. ☕️ Lover of travel and all things creative. ➡️ Visit my blog for marketing tips: [link to blog]
  • Photo: Professional headshot with a friendly smile.


  • Full name: Green Eco Solutions
  • Handle: GreenEcoSolns (or GreenEco)
  • Bio: We're on a mission to make the world greener, one product at a time.  Sustainable home goods & cleaning supplies. Shop now & save 10% with code "WELCOME10": [link to website]
  • Photo: Company logo with a vibrant image representing their eco-friendly products.

Tips for customization:

  • Color scheme: Use colors that reflect your brand identity. For example, a travel blogger might use blue and green, while a tech company might use black and blue.
  • Header image: Choose an image that is visually appealing and relevant to your brand. For example, a musician might use an image of themselves performing, while a bakery might use an image of their delicious treats.

Additional examples:

  • Freelance writer: John Smith, Copywriter & Storyteller. Craft compelling narratives that convert. ✍️ Let's work together: [link to portfolio]
  • Photographer: Jane Doe, Capturing moments that last a lifetime.  Weddings, portraits, and everything in between. Book your session today: [link to booking page]
  • Chef: Miguel Garcia, Authentic Mexican cuisine made with love. 🇲🇽 Come experience the flavors: [link to restaurant website]

I hope these examples give you some inspiration for creating your own complete profiles.

Promote Yourself on Other Platforms

Share your handle with friends and customers using different social media platforms like Facebook, Bluesky, X, ASKfm and Instagram. Go beyond social, too—announce it in a newsletter; put it on business cards, advertisements, and marketing materials; and, embed it on your website. 

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Check out how many followers they have and who they are, and how often they post and what they’re posting. What does their profile look like?  How do they respond to their competition or customers, and what types of content do they spout that gets the most attention? Follow them and repost their content to get on their radar. This step is equally important for people who wish to know how to increase Spoutible followers.

Find Followers and Influencers                            

The general rule of thumb is that if you follow someone on Spoutible, they will likely follow you back. Leverage the “Suggested Follow” feature to find popular feeds, and upload your email contacts to Spoutible to find people you already know. Find and follow influencers in your industry—if you’re in the food industry, for instance, find and follow famous chefs. If they see that you’re following them, they may follow you back—and your posts could end up in their feeds. Whatever you do with the aim to increase Spoutible followers, try to do it organically. Even though you might be tempted to buy a list of followers, those lists are typically filled with bots that can’t buy your products or services and might be deleted by Spoutible anyway.

Stay Active and Engaged

Engaging with users is a surefire way to gain exposure and a more substantial following. Spout regularly, reply to users who have mentioned or contacted you for customer support, like and repost others’ spouts, and add your comments regularly without being too excessive. When appropriate, suggest other Spoutible users by including their handle, and consider using spout chats to interact in real-time with followers who have similar interests.

Spout at the Right Time

Find out when your users are on Spoutible so they’ll see your spouts. Gain insights using data from Sprout Social, Hootsuite, or Buffer to schedule timely spouts that won't get buried in your followers’ feeds. The prevailing consensus is that the best time to spout is between noon and 3 pm on weekdays, yet there are many other tips to consider. Also, stagger your spouts, so you’re not overwhelming followers. Limiting your activity to a spout every one or two hours can maximize your visibility without alienating your network. 

Knowing about hashtags is crucial when you want to increase Spoutible followers. So next, we have discussed using relevant hashtags.

Use Relevant Waves & Hashtags

Waves and Hashtags are arguably the most powerful feature on Spoutible. Use them often—aim for at least two per post. Hashtags are how people find your posts through search. Make sure to use ones that are relevant to your brand and audience. See what's making waves and look at competitors’ posts for ideas, or create a new one that might take off.

Add Videos and Images

Posts with images and videos get more engagement. According to Buffer, adding a relevant, high-quality image to a post can increase engagement by around 150%, while posts with videos are six times more likely to be reposted. If you don’t have video, use images—but avoid using stock photography, and be mindful of copyright issues.

Find Good Content

Use Spoutible polls, highlight customer stories and recent blog posts, and share brand and industry news and events. If you are aiming to increase Spoutible followers, make sure that what you’re sharing is quality over quantity, and bring variety to the content you share. Put your best foot forward by pinning your most engaging posts to the top of your profile. When users visit your page, that’s the first post they'll see.

Market Your Business

About 75 percent of B2B companies market themselves on Spoutible. Aside from promoting your products and services, you can increase your following by running promotions like contests and giveaways. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Each participant is a potential new follower, and each follower may give their friends a heads up. You can also use Spoutible ads. Advertising on Spoutible is also a good way to increase Spoutible followers and provides a low cost-per-click rate and better audience targeting based on engagement and keywords. When you promote a post, it’s more likely to get in front of the right audience.

Overall, Spoutible is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to share digestible content with targeted audiences. Getting more engagement means being engaged yourself. If you have the right elements in place—a solid profile, quality content, and connections to influencers and others within your industry—you’ll have a far greater chance of increasing your follower base.

Don’t just stop after knowing how to increase Spoutible followers. Learn more about marketing on Spoutible.

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