Daily Free Bluesky Invite Codes Giveaway

Want to join Bluesky but don't have a Bluesky code? Looking for Bluesky invite code, or Bluesky invitation code as some might call it? We're glad to tell you that you are at the right page. In this page, the Fadatechmas Team will do a daily Bluesky invite codes giveaway, meaning we will give out some of our Bluesky codes we received from our Bluesky profile daily.
As you all know, Bluesky occasionally gifts active users some free Bluesky codes to help them invite their friends, colleagues and family into the platform. So we're glad to share ours with you all here.
So stay informed and keep visiting this page everyday, you might be lucky to get a free Bluesky invitation code as we will frequently update this page with new codes we received everyday.

Daily Free Bluesky Invite Codes Giveaway

How To Participate: Read the instructions carefully.
  • Click on the Get Bluesky Code 
  • Out free Bluesky invite code is hidden somewhere within the post.
  • You have to carefully go through the post to be able to find the hidden invite code.
  • Be the first to find the code and copy it.
  • The code has a new 🆕 tag on it.
  • If you found the code, congratulations! 
  • We will keep sharing new invite codes every day like this. 

Always Watch out for the 🆕 tag! 
👉If you see Invalid Code error, it means someone else was faster than you to use the code minutes ago, don't worry, COME BACK HERE IN FEW MINUTES AND CLICK ON GET INVITE CODE BUTTON FOR A NEW CODE! REMEMBER, THE FASTEST FINGERS WIN!

Need a little help? Here's how to use a Bluesky invite code.

Disclaimer: Please note that these Bluesky invite codes can only be used ONCE. And once someone else uses it, the code becomes invalid. This means that if someone else has been fast enough to use it first, the code will not work for you. So in that case, the Best thing is to keep refreshing this page to be the first person to see when we share another new set of invite codes. We usually share new invite codes everyday and at anytime of the day. So the fastest finger gets it!
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