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Looking for the most popular games on X and how to play them? In this article, we'll explore the top games captivating X, formerly known as Twitter users. Discover the rules of these games, where to find other players, and which ones are perfect for beginners. From addictive word puzzles like Wordle to action-packed adventures like Genshin Impact, we've got you covered. Get ready to join the vibrant X gaming community and embark on thrilling gaming experiences with fellow enthusiasts. Let's dive into the world of the 5 most popular games on X.

Popular Word Puzzle Games On X For Beginners

Here are 5 most popular word puzzle games on X, formerly Twitter, along with a brief description of how to play, the rules, how to find players, and some pros and cons for each:

1. Wordle (@AppWordle)

According to X Gaming reports record, Wordle is the second most popular word puzzle game on X, after Genshin Impact, where players attempt to guess a five-letter hidden word within a limited number of tries. They receive feedback on their guesses, and through deduction and word elimination, they work to uncover the target word. The challenge lies in deciphering the word with the fewest guesses possible. It fosters word skills, strategy, and engagement, making it a favorite among X users.

How to Play Wordle

  • Navigate to your home screen and open the Wordle web app shortcut.
  • Wordle's ruleset box pops up.
  • A blank 5 x 6 grid is displayed.
  • Using your keyboard, enter any 5-letter common word and tap Enter.
  • If you guess the correct word, the entire row is highlighted green.

Summarily, guess the 5-letter hidden word in 6 tries. Tweet your guesses. Receive feedback: green for correct letter and position, yellow for correct letter, gray for wrong. Deduce to win.

Rules: In Wordle, players guess a five-letter word within six tries. Feedback reveals correct letters in their positions (green) and correct letters in wrong positions (yellow).

Finding Players: Use a unique hashtag like #WordleChallenge to promote the game. Encourage followers to join by tweeting their guesses and sharing their progress, creating a community of players.

Pros: Engaging word puzzle, promotes vocabulary, strategic deduction, fosters community interaction, enhances cognitive skills.

Cons: Limited word length, repetitive after mastering, potential spoilers, requires consistent updates, subject to cheating.

2. Word Chain Challenge

This is one of the most popular word puzzle games on X, formerly known as Twitter. It is also called vocabulary chain reaction. Players take turns tweeting a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word. The chain continues until someone can't think of a valid word.

How to Play: Reply to the previous tweet with a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. Avoid repeating words or using proper nouns.

Rules: Use only English words, and no repeating words within the same chain.

Finding Players: Use a unique hashtag for the challenge and encourage followers to participate.

Pros: Easy to play, fosters vocabulary, interactive.

Cons: Might need constant monitoring to ensure rules are followed.

3. X Anagrams

This is another popular word puzzle game on X. A daily anagram is tweeted, and players have to reply with words they can form using the letters. The most creative or longest words win.

How to Play: Respond with valid words formed using the given letters, without using additional letters.

Rules: Use only English words and follow word length limits if specified.

Finding Players: Use a hashtag for the anagram contest and promote it to engage participants.

Pros: Challenges language skills, encourages creativity, regular engagement.

Cons: Limited to available letters, potential cheating.

4. Word Teasers

A clue is tweeted, and players reply with a word that matches the clue. The most relevant or unique words win.

How to Play: Respond with a word that matches the given clue.

Rules: Use only English words, and the word should be relevant to the clue.

Finding Players: Promote the teaser with a designated hashtag to attract participants.

Pros: Promotes critical thinking, variety in clues, inclusive for players of all skill levels.

Cons: Subjective judgment for winner selection, limited to the quality of clues.

5. X Scrabble Challenge

A virtual game of Scrabble is played on Twitter. Players take turns tweeting a word and its point score, creating a collaborative game.

How to Play: Reply to the previous tweet with a valid English word and its point score based on Scrabble rules.

Rules: Use only English words and Scrabble point values. Words must connect to previous plays.

Finding Players: Announce the challenge with a unique hashtag and encourage followers to join.

Pros: Collaborative gameplay, nostalgic appeal, strategy-based.

Cons: May require strict tracking of the game board, limited by Scrabble rules.


  • Synonym Swap Challenge

A tweet with a sentence is posted, and players respond with synonyms for highlighted words. The most creative synonyms win.

How to Play: Reply with synonyms for the specified words in the tweet's sentence.

Rules: Use only English words and provide valid synonyms.

Finding Players: Use a hashtag for the challenge and share it to attract participants.

Pros: Enhances vocabulary, encourages creative thinking, engages the community.

Cons: Subjective judging for synonym quality, requires active moderation.

  • Acrostic Riddles

How to Play: Players solve riddles where the first letters of the answers form a hidden word or message.

Rules: Share a riddle and ask for the hidden word. Once solved, the first letters spell out the answer.

How to Find Players: Use a hashtag and ask players to retweet and share their answers.

Pros: Creative and challenging, encourages critical thinking.

Cons: Requires more effort to craft riddles.

  • Four-Letter Word Challenge

How to Play: Players create new words by changing only one letter at a time from a given word.

Rules: Share a starting word and players reply with words that differ by just one letter.

How to Find Players: Utilize a dedicated hashtag and engage with participants.

Pros: Inventive and thought-provoking, expands vocabulary.

Cons: Can be tricky to find unique words, might need moderation.

Remember that each game's success largely depends on your engagement with players and the creativity of the puzzles or challenges you present. Make sure to have clear rules, encourage interaction, and create a positive and engaging environment for participants.

Most Popular Card-collecting Games On X

Here are five popular card-collecting games on X, along with summaries, gameplay details, finding players, and pros and cons:

1. Ensemble Stars

Ensemble Stars (@ensemble_stars) is a mobile card-collecting rhythm game with captivating stories featuring idol boys. Ensemble Stars merges rhythm and simulation elements in a card-collecting game where players nurture male idols to stardom. With stunning visuals and strategic gameplay, it's a hit among fans.

How to Play:

Collect and evolve idol cards, form teams, and engage in rhythm-based performances to earn points. Build relationships and join events for rewards.


  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Beautiful art
  • Compelling stories
  • Regular updates
  • Active community


  • Gacha randomness
  • Time-intensive
  • In-app purchases
  • Stamina limits
  • Competitive events

2. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone is a digital collectible card game set in the Warcraft universe. Players build decks from a collection of cards representing various creatures, spells, and abilities.

How to Play: Players take turns summoning minions and casting spells to reduce their opponent's health to zero. Strategy involves managing resources, card synergies, and anticipating opponent moves.

Rules: Players have a mana pool that increases each turn, allowing them to play higher-cost cards. Decks have classes with unique abilities and cards.

Finding Players: You can find opponents through the built-in matchmaking system or challenge friends directly.

Pros: Easy to learn, visually appealing, regular updates, and a large player base.

Cons: Some cards may be imbalanced, can require investment to stay competitive.

3. Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic is a classic collectible card game now available digitally. Players use decks they've built to cast spells, summon creatures, and defeat opponents.

How to Play: Players take turns playing lands, casting spells, and attacking with creatures to reduce opponent's life total to zero.

Rules: Decks consist of different colors and card types, and players use mana to cast spells of varying costs.

Finding Players: Magic Arena has a matchmaking system for finding opponents with similar skill levels.

Pros: Deep strategy, vast card pool, regular updates, and competitive scene.

Cons: Learning curve, expensive for competitive play, occasional power balance issues.

4. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gwent is a card game within The Witcher series. Players use decks of faction-based cards to engage in strategic battles.

How to Play: Players aim to win two out of three rounds by playing cards with varying values and abilities to gain more points than the opponent.

Rules: Decks are divided into different factions, each with unique abilities and playstyles.

Finding Players: You can find opponents through matchmaking or challenge friends.

Pros: Unique mechanics, strategic depth, fair progression system, and single-player campaigns.

Cons: Limited factions (compared to other games), may feel slow-paced for some players.

5. Shadowverse

Shadowverse is an anime-style card game with various fantasy-themed cards and characters.

How to Play: Players build decks and engage in turn-based battles by summoning creatures, playing spells, and utilizing leader abilities.

Rules: Different classes have unique abilities, and evolution points allow boosted plays.

Finding Players: Matchmaking system and private matches with friends are available.

Pros: Rapid gameplay, evolving mechanics, generous rewards, and frequent expansions.

Cons: May feel overwhelming for newcomers, power creep issues in some expansions.


Eternal Card Game

Eternal offers a mix of digital card game mechanics and deck-building strategies.

How to Play: Players engage in turn-based duels, summoning units, casting spells, and strategizing to deplete the opponent's health.

Rules: Eternal features unique power mechanics, allowing more consistent resource management.

Finding Players: Matchmaking system and friend challenges are supported.

Pros: Strategic gameplay, cross-platform support, in-depth mechanics, and generous reward systems.

Cons: Smaller player base, occasional balancing concerns.

Most Popular RPG Games on X

Here are summaries of five most popular RPG games similar to Final Fantasy that X gamers might enjoy:

1. Final Fantasy (@FinalFantasy)

Final Fantasy, an X gaming sensation, offers an enchanting world of fantasy and strategy. Dive into a realm of epic battles, intricate stories, and captivating visuals that keep gamers hooked.

How to Play:

Immerse yourself in a fantasy universe, where you'll embark on quests, battle foes, and develop characters. Master turn-based combat, harness magic, and explore expansive worlds in the ultimate RPG experience.


Questing: Follow quests to advance the story and unlock new areas.

Battles: Engage in turn-based battles, strategizing attacks and defenses.

Character Growth: Upgrade characters' abilities, weapons, and skills.

Magic System: Harness magic spells to gain an upper hand in battles.

Exploration: Roam vast landscapes, discovering hidden treasures and secrets.

How to Find Players:

  • X: Connect with fellow fans using hashtags like #FinalFantasy or #FFGamers.
  • Gaming Forums: Participate in Final Fantasy-themed forums and communities.
  • Discord: Join Discord servers dedicated to Final Fantasy for discussions and co-op play.


  • Epic Storytelling: Engaging narratives with complex characters.
  • Strategic Depth: Thought-provoking battles and character customization.
  • Breathtaking Visuals: Stunning graphics that bring the fantasy world to life.
  • Endless Exploration: Vast landscapes filled with hidden gems and quests.
  • Nostalgia: Series history that resonates with longtime fans.


  • Time Investment: Lengthy quests and exploration may require dedication.
  • Complexity: Newcomers might find the mechanics overwhelming.
  • Premium Content: Some games include in-app purchases for items or boosts.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Deep gameplay might intimidate casual players.
  • Story Pacing: Pacing issues could impact the overall narrative experience.

In essence, Final Fantasy and other RPG games on X offers gamers an immersive RPG adventure with compelling stories, strategic battles, and visually stunning worlds. While newcomers might face a learning curve, fans of epic tales and intricate gameplay will find themselves right at home.

Other Popular Games On X

1. Project Sekai (@pj_sekai)

A rhythm game featuring songs from popular Vocaloid producers. Compete and interact with fellow rhythm game enthusiasts.

2. Apex Legends (@PlayApex)

A fast-paced battle royale game that lets you team up with friends and showcase your skills in intense matches.

3. Elden Ring (@ELDENRING)

A highly anticipated action RPG with a vast open-world and epic battles. Engage in conversations with other excited gamers about this title.

4. Fate/Grand Order (@fgoproject)

A turn-based mobile RPG where you can summon historical figures and mythological heroes to fight for you.

5. Valorant (@PlayVALORANT)

A tactical first-person shooter with unique characters, abilities, and strategic gameplay. Connect with the Valorant community for tips and updates.

6. The Legend of Zelda (@NintendoAmerica)

A classic adventure franchise featuring the iconic hero, Link. Share your Zelda experiences and nostalgia on X.

7. Quordle

Quordle is a variation of Wordle that challenges you to guess four five-letter words at the same time. The game is more challenging than Wordle, but it's also more rewarding when you get a perfect score.

8. Heardle

Heardle is a music guessing game that challenges you to identify a song based on a short clip of the intro. The game is perfect for music lovers who want to test their knowledge of different songs.

9. Guess the GIF

Guess the GIF is a game where you are shown a GIF and have to guess what it is from. The game is challenging but also a lot of fun, and it's a great way to test your knowledge of pop culture.

10. Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? is a classic game that can be played on X. The game involves two players who are presented with two options, and they have to choose which one they would rather do. The game can be played with friends or strangers, and it's a great way to get to know people better.

11. Emoji Charades

Emoji Charades is a game where you have to act out a word or phrase using only emojis. The game is challenging but also a lot of fun, and it's a great way to test your creativity.

12. Number Guessing Game

Number Guessing Game is a game where you have to guess a number between 1 and 100. The game is simple but challenging, and it's a great way to test your luck.

These are just a few of the many popular games on X that you can play. If you're looking for a fun and engaging way to use X, be sure to check out some of these games.

To find other people to play these games with

1. Use Hashtags: Search for hashtags related to the game you want to play, such as #GenshinImpact or #Valorant. Engage with tweets using these hashtags to connect with other players.

2. Join Gaming Communities: Look for X communities focused on specific games like "Valorant" or "Apex Legends." Engage in discussions and make new gaming buddies.

3. Follow Game Developers and Influencers: Stay updated with game developers and influencers who often host gaming events or share opportunities to play with others.

4. Participate in X Spaces: Join X Spaces, where users host live audio conversations. You may find spaces dedicated to gaming and connect with fellow players.

5. Engage in Conversations: Interact with tweets about your favorite games, share your experiences, and make friends with similar interests.

How to Play Games on X

To play games on X, you'll need to have a X account. Once you have an account, you can search for games using the hashtag #Xgames. You can also find games by following X accounts that specialize in games, such as @XGames.

Once you've found a game that you want to play, you'll need to follow the instructions that are provided. Some games are very simple, while others may be more complex.

If you're having trouble understanding how to play a game, you can always ask for help from other X users. There are many people who are happy to help new players learn how to play games on X.

Where to Find Other People to Play Games on X With

There are a few different ways to find other people to play games on X with. L

  • One way is to join an X chat room that is dedicated to games. You can find these chat rooms by searching for #xgameschat.
  • Another way to find other people to play games with is to follow X accounts that specialize in games. These accounts often host game nights, where you can meet other players and play games together.
  • Finally, you can also find other people to play games with by simply tweeting about the games that you're interested in playing. There are many people who are looking for other players to game with, so you're sure to find someone who is interested in playing the same games as you.


X has become a gaming paradise with a wide array of popular games and vibrant gaming communities. From Genshin Impact to Wordle, gamers worldwide come together to discuss, share, and play their favorite titles. Use hashtags, join gaming communities, and engage in conversations to find fellow players and make the most of your gaming experience on X. Join the X gaming community today and never miss a moment of gaming excitement!

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