How To Find Bluesky Influencers

How to find Bluesky influencers

Looking to find popular users on Bluesky? Curious about how to find Bluesky influencers? Wondering where to start with influencer marketing? Look no further! Discovering Bluesky famous people is a powerful way to expand your reach and engagement. In this guide, we'll explore effective strategies and tools to identify the right influencers for your business. Ready to learn how to find Bluesky influencers and take your marketing to new heights? Let's dive in!

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that can help you reach a wider audience, promote your products and grow your business. But how do you find the right influencers for your business? If you're not sure where to start, this article will teach you how to find influencers on Bluesky.

There are many ways to find Bluesky influencers, but we will discuss just two of them in this article. Why these two? Well, nothing much, just that they are very simple and straightforward processes and anyone can use them to connect with a popular influencer on Bluesky. The two ways involve:

  1. Manual Methods
  2. Third-party Tools

Read on to discover how to use these methods to find Bluesky influencers, their pros and cons. Before we proceed, I would like you to note the following:

Quick Tips

  • The first step is to identify your target audience.
  • Who are you trying to reach with your influencer marketing campaign?
  • Once you know your target audience, you can start to look for influencers who have a following of people who are interested in your products or services.

There are a few different ways to find influencers on Bluesky. You can use third-party tools or manual method which involves looking for people with a lot of followers, or checking out the "Who to follow" section on Bluesky. You can also use an influencer marketing platform to help you find influencers.

As you read on, you will discover how each of these methods work and how you can use them to find Bluesky influencers.

Categories of Bluesky Influencers

  1. Mega Influencers
  2. Macro influencers
  3. Micro influencers
There are three categories of Bluesky Influencers; the mega, macro and micro influencers. As explained by Influencer Marketing Hub, Mega influencers boast a substantial following on their social platforms, often exceeding 1 million followers on a single platform. Individuals with follower counts ranging from 500,000 to 1 million on a social network fall under the category of macro-influencers. The majority of influencers fall within the micro-influencer range, possessing follower counts of 10,000 to 50,000.

How To Bluesky Find Influencers Using Manual Methods

  1. Use Hashtags
  2. Look for people with a lot of followers
  3. Check out the "Who to follow" section
  4. Use an influencer marketing platform
Read on to discover how to find Bluesky influencers using these manual methods.

1. Use Hashtags
This is a great way to find influencers  on Bluesky who are active in a particular niche or industry. For example, if you're looking for influencers who are interested in fashion, you could search for hashtags like #fashion, #style, or #ootd.

This short illustration will widen your understanding of how using hashtags to find Bluesky influencers works:
  • Let's assume you're a business owner who is looking to partner with an influencer to promote your new line of sustainable clothing. Already, you know that your target audience will be young women who are interested in fashion and sustainability, so you can start by searching for hashtags like #sustainablefashion, #ethicalfashion, and #ootd on Bluesky. You can also check out the "Who to follow" section on Bluesky to see if there are any influencers that Bluesky suggests based on their interests.
After a few hours of searching, you will find a few influencers who would be a good fit for your campaign. How do you know a good Influencer? Well, it's simple;
  • take some time to research each influencer's profile.
  • look at their number of followers. Typically, a good Bluesky influencer should have atleast 100,000 followers or more.
  • look at their engagement rate with their followers
  • check their content quality.
  • you can also read through the comments on the influencer's posts to get a sense of their audience.
Finally, reach out to the influencers that you're interested in working with. Send a Direct message explaining your campaign and why you think the influencer would be a good fit. You can also include some sample content that the influencer could post on their own account.
  • A few days later, you will receive a response from one of the influencers. The influencer is interested in working with the business, and both of you agree to a collaboration. The influencer posts a photo of themselves wearing the business's sustainable clothing, and they tag the business in the post. The post gets a lot of engagement, and the business sees a significant increase in website traffic and sales.
2. Look for people with a lot of followers
This is one of the ways to find influencers on Bluesky manually. This doesn't necessarily mean that they're good influencers, but it's a good place to start. You can use the "Top Accounts" tab on Bluesky to see a list of the most popular accounts.
3. Check out the "Who to follow" section
This is another manual method to find Bluesky influencers. Bluesky has a "Who to follow" section that suggests accounts based on your interests. This is a great way to find influencers that you might not have heard of before.
4. Use an influencer marketing platform
There are a number of influencer marketing platforms that can help you find influencers on Bluesky. These platforms typically have a database of influencers that you can filter by criteria like niche, location, and follower count. There are many influencer marketing platforms you can use to find Bluesky influencers, but I'll share these five with you, why? Well, nothing much, just that they are easy and straightforward to use. You can use any of these five influencer marketing platforms:
  1. Influencity: Provides tools for finding and connecting with influencers across various social media platforms.
  2. AspireIQ: Offers a platform for influencer discovery, campaign management, and performance analytics.
  3. Grin: Focuses on influencer relationship management, campaign tracking, and content collaboration.
  4. IZEA: Enables brands to create and manage influencer campaigns, along with content creation and distribution.
  5. Traackr: Offers influencer identification, relationship management, and performance tracking for brands' influencer campaigns.

Third-party Tools To Find Bluesky Influencers

Finding influencers on social media platforms can be made easier with the help of various third-party tools. There are many tools out there that can serve this purpose, but I'll share these seven. Why? Well, nothing much. Just that they're quick and easy to use.

  1. BuzzSumo: This tool allows you to search for influencers based on topics, keywords, or domains. It provides insights into their content performance and social reach.
  2. Upfluence: Upfluence helps you discover influencers by filtering them based on criteria such as location, followers, engagement rate, and more.
  3. AspireIQ: Formerly known as Revfluence, AspireIQ offers influencer search and relationship management, helping you identify and collaborate with influencers.
  4. Traackr: Traackr provides influencer discovery, tracking, and management tools. It allows you to find influencers based on various parameters and manage your influencer campaigns.
  5. Influencity: This platform offers an influencer search engine, helping you find influencers across different social media platforms and industries.
  6. NinjaOutreach: NinjaOutreach enables you to find influencers, bloggers, and content creators based on keywords, locations, and other filters.
  7. HypeAuditor: If you're looking for influencers with genuine followers, HypeAuditor provides an influencer discovery tool along with audience authenticity checks.

Remember, while these tools can assist in the process, it's crucial to analyze potential influencers thoroughly to ensure they align with your business values and goals.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for finding influencers on Bluesky:

  • Be specific with your search terms. The more specific you are with your search terms, the more likely you are to find influencers who are a good fit for your brand. For example, instead of just searching for "fashion influencers," you could search for "sustainable fashion influencers" or "plus-size fashion influencers."
  • Use multiple channels. Don't just limit your search to Bluesky. You can also find influencers on other social media platforms like Instagram, Threads, Mastodon, Twitter/X and YouTube.
  • Stay up-to-date on trends. The influencer landscape is constantly changing, so it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. This will help you find influencers who are relevant to your target audience.
  • Be patient. It takes time to find the right influencers for your brand. Don't expect to find them overnight. Just keep searching and networking, and you'll eventually find the perfect partners for your business.

Pros and Cons

Here are a few pros and cons of using manual methods, third-party tools and influencer marketing methods to find Bluesky influencers:

  1. Niche Expertise: Influencer marketing allows you to tap into influencers who are experts in the Bluesky industry, increasing the authenticity and relevance of your campaign.
  2. Authenticity: Influencers can provide authentic endorsements and reviews of Bluesky products or services, which can resonate more with their followers.
  3. Engagement: Bluesky influencers often have highly engaged followers who trust their recommendations, potentially leading to better engagement rates for your campaign.
  4. Reach: Influencers have a built-in audience, allowing your Bluesky message to reach a larger and more targeted audience compared to traditional advertising.
  5. Content Creation: Influencers can create high-quality content related to Bluesky products or services, saving you time and resources on content creation.
  6. Storytelling: Influencers can tell compelling stories around your Bluesky brand, helping to establish an emotional connection with their followers.
  7. Measurable ROI: Many influencer marketing platforms provide metrics to track the success of your Bluesky campaign, allowing you to measure the return on investment more accurately.
  1. Cost: Partnering with established Bluesky influencers can be expensive, especially those with larger followings and higher engagement rates.
  2. Inauthenticity: There's a risk that influencers might promote Bluesky products solely for monetary gain, leading to inauthentic endorsements.
  3. Audience Mismatch: If the chosen influencer's audience doesn't align with your target Bluesky demographic, the campaign might not yield desired results.
  4. Oversaturation: The Bluesky industry might already be saturated with influencer endorsements, making it harder to stand out and capture attention.
  5. Dependency: Relying solely on influencer marketing can lead to dependency on individual influencers, and if they lose popularity or credibility, it can affect your brand's image.
  6. Lack of Control: You have limited control over how influencers present your Bluesky brand, potentially resulting in messaging inconsistencies.
  7. Fake Followers and Engagement: Some influencers might resort to buying fake followers and engagement, skewing the effectiveness of your Bluesky campaign.
Remember that the success of an influencer marketing campaign, manual methods and third party tools for finding Bluesky influencers depends on your careful selection, thorough research, and a clear understanding of your brand's goals and target audience.

Final Word

Once you've found a few influencers that you're interested in, it's important to do your research. Make sure that they have a good engagement rate, that they post high-quality content, and that their values align with your brand. You can also reach out to them directly to see if they're interested in working with you.

Finding the right influencers for your business can be a daunting task, but it's worth it in the end. When you partner with the right influencers, you can reach a wider audience, grow your brand, and boost your sales.

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