How to Get Your Tribel Account Verified

Tribel Social: Verification Requirements and How to Verify Your Account

The way Tribel social verifies user's accounts is a bit different from how other social media platforms do. I think all Tribel users do have the blue tick badge, but it is always locked by default, so users who want to activate the blue tick verification badge are always asked to unlock it. But how do you go about this? Read on to find out how to get your Tribel social account verified with a Blue tick badge!

Tribel offers two methods for users to activate their blue tick verification badge - the Twitter method and the Facebook method. 

But the requirements here are:

  • You must own a Tribel social account
  • You must first of all own a verified Twitter or Facebook account. 

From my analysis, looking at the two verification requirements penned down by Tribel, the only one that a lot of Tribel users would have a little challenge is getting a Verified Twitter or Facebook account. But this should not be an issue, because I think Tribel assumes that if Facebook or Twitter have verified your account, then there will be little or no need for them to stress you again. But is getting a Facebook blue tick badge that easy? A user asked. 

For those of you who have met this Tribel account verification requirement - having a Verified Facebook or Twitter account, let's proceed on how to verify your Tribel account:

Step 1: Login To Your Tribel Account

Go to Tribel login page and put your login details, tap on login to access your account.

Step 2: Click on Menu button

Navigate to the menu button located at the top right corner of your Tribel account. For a quick action, make sure you are in the homepage screen.

Step 3: Tap On  Unlock Your Verification Badge

Step 4: Choose Your Verification Method

Note: To verify your account on Tribel social, you must have verification badge on your Facebook or Twitter account.

Click on Verify with Twitter if you have a verified Twitter account. 


Click on Verify with Facebook if you have a verified Facebook account. 

Let's assume you click on Verify with Twitter, now move to the next step.

Step 5: Paste Your Twitter Profile Link

Go to your Twitter account, copy your account profile link, come back to Tribel and paste the link in the space provided as you can see in the screenshot below: 

Step 6: Click On "Go To Official Twitter Page"

This will take you to Twitter to send direct message from your verified page to TRIBEL official page. Thinking of what to write? Just write simple text like: 

"Hi, I'm Emmanuel, sending this text as a requirement to unlock my verification badge on Tribel social. Thanks."

That's all, congratulations, you have successfully completed your Tribel social media account verification process to unlock your Tribel social blue tick badge, now it should take a few hours for you to get a message from the official Tribel team. 

Note that same steps and process follow for users who want to verify their Tribel social account through Facebook. 

I wish you good luck. Please I'll appreciate your support if you comment and share this post to your friends on social media. 

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