15 Facts About Tribel, A New Social Network

Top 15 Enlightening Facts of Tribel Social Media in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms, Tribel has emerged as a new player, aiming to prioritize morality, truth, and the interests of its users. With its unique features and promises of customization, Tribel aims to carve a niche for itself in the social media industry. In this article, we will explore the top 15 enlightening facts about Tribel Social Media in 2023, shedding light on its features, user statistics, and potential for growth.

1. About Tribel Social

Tribel Social is a social media platform that made its debut in November 2022. It positions itself as a truthful and customized alternative to platforms like Twitter, offering a similar user experience and functionality with added features. Tribel is owned by two pro-Democrats activists who also own the Occupy Democrats news site - Rafael Rivero and Omar Rivero own the social media app. 

How to Join Tribel Social

If you would like to join Tribel, all you have to do is download the Tribel app on your app store or visit their website: tribel.com and signup.

Ensure you go through the privacy policy and community rules to understand the platform better.

2. Customization is Key

One of Tribel's standout features is customization. Users have control over the content and posts they see, allowing them to tailor their experience according to their interests and preferences.

3. Connecting with the Right Audience

Tribel enables users to find and connect with their desired audience and groups quickly. This feature facilitates meaningful conversations and engagements around topics that interest users the most.

4. Targeted Posting

Tribel's unique approach allows users to select a specific audience for their posts. By choosing relevant topics, users can guide Tribel to show their posts to people who are genuinely interested in the content, enhancing the reach and engagement of their posts.

5. Curated News Feeds

Similar to Pinterest and Twitter, Tribel allows users to select topics of interest when signing up for the platform. This ensures that users see content that aligns with their preferences and helps them curate their own personalized news feeds.

6. Business Tools for Engagement

Tribel provides businesses and organizations with several quality tools to engage with their followers effectively. These include features like Google Analytics integration, engagement tools (such as gamification, AMAs, and polls), and on-platform analytics to measure performance.

7. Organic Reach and Target Audience

Being a relatively new platform, Tribel offers a high level of organic reach for posts. Combined with the ability to target specific audiences, this feature attracts businesses and individuals who seek to connect with the right users quickly.

8. Tribel Active Users

According to Search Logistics, as of October 2022, Tribel boasted over 400,000 active users on its platform. While this is a modest figure compared to established social media giants, it provides a user base for Tribel to build upon and expand its reach.

9. Social Media Presence

Tribel has strategically utilized other social media platforms to drive traffic to its own platform. With 396,000 followers on Facebook and 15,700 followers on Instagram, Tribel has been actively promoting itself through these channels.

10. Twitter Challenges

In December 2022, Twitter shut down the accounts of various social media sites, including Tribel. Prior to the shutdown, Tribel had amassed around 127,000 followers on Twitter, indicating its growing popularity and potential for user engagement.

11. App Downloads

The Tribel social media app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. While exact download figures are not disclosed, estimations suggest that it has been downloaded over 150,000 times from the Apple App Store and over 100,000 times from the Google Play Store since its launch.

12. User Demographics: Geographic Distribution

According to SimilarWeb, an estimated 92% of all Tribel users originate from the United States. Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Pakistan also have notable user representations on the platform.

13. User Demographics: Age Distribution

Search Logistics also reports that Tribel has achieved a balanced representation across various age groups. Users aged 55 to 64 make up the largest portion, accounting for approximately 19.81% of all Tribel users. Other age groups, including 18 to 24, 25 to 34, 35 to 44, 45 to 54, and 65+, also have significant representation on the platform.

14. User Demographics: Gender Distribution

Tribel has a slightly more male-dominated audience, with an estimated 58.67% of users being male and 41.33% being female. This gender distribution sets Tribel apart from other social media networks and aligns it with a unique user demographic.

15. Political Affiliation and User Base

Tribel has been associated with politics since its launch. While it encourages individuals with different views to engage in conversations, it tends to attract left-wing users and Democrats. This distinguishes Tribel from platforms like Donald Trump's Truth Social and Kanye West's Parler, which lean toward right-wing and Republican users.

In conclusion, Tribel Social Media has introduced several innovative features to enhance user experience and prioritize customization. While it may not currently have the user base to compete with major social media platforms like Twitter, Tribel shows promise as a niche platform for specific demographics. Its focus on morality, truth, and engaging conversations has resonated with left-wing users and Democrats. As Tribel continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how it carves out its place in the social media landscape.

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