How to Send a DM on Bluesky (If Direct Messaging Is Added)

How to dm on Bluesky

Want to
send a DM on Bluesky? Discover how to DM on Bluesky if the direct messaging feature is eventually added.

Bluesky is still in its development stage and some features are not yet implemented. One of these is the ability for users to send a DM. Can I send a DM on Bluesky? Well, for now, No.

Recently, Bluesky announced plans to integrate hashtags into the platform, and many features have already been added into its project proposal list, so with the look of things, more and more interesting features might be integrated into the platform in a couple of weeks from now, and we hope the direct messaging will be part of it.

So how will the Bluesky direct messaging works if it's eventually being integrated into Bluesky? How will users send a DM on Bluesky? Where will the direct messaging button be located? These and many more are the questions a lot of social media enthusiasts are asking. But as it stands now, we never can tell!

However, here's our suggestion or what we think the Bluesky DM feature might look like, and possibly, how you will send a DM on Bluesky if the Bluesky direct messaging feature is eventually integrated into the platform.

Note: This is not the official DM step. We will update this post immediately Bluesky provides any information or guidelines on direct messaging feature.

Note: this is just our suggestion and it doesn't in any way reflects the official Bluesky's idea or plans on direct messaging. You can always visit the official Bluesky website for more information.

How Bluesky Direct Messaging Might Work (If Eventually Integrated)

The Bluesky direct messaging icon might be represented by an envelope-shaped message icon, just like its alternative social media platforms.

To send a DM on Bluesky, you might be required to use the envelope-shaped Message icon in the app or website.

Bluesky might not allow anyone to direct message just anyone. You might have to follow someone before you can send them a DM on Bluesky, or they must have enabled the option in Bluesky settings to receive DMs from users they don't follow, (businesses commonly enable this option).

In addition, if you have blocked a user, or that person has blocked you, you might not be able to send a DM until the blocks are removed.
How to DM on Bluesky

If the direct messaging feature is eventually added into Bluesky social, in our opinion, here's how users will likely send a DM on Bluesky:
  1. You will open your Bluesky app and login to your account.
  2. You will see a direct messaging icon on the homepage, this might be represented by an envelope-shade message icon.
  3. To send a DM, you will tap on the Bluesky DM icon, it might be located in the bottom-right corner of your Bluesky homepage.
  4. When you tap on the message icon, another page might open where you will be asked to type the Bluesky handle or name of the person you want to send a DM to. When the name appears in the search results, tap it and another page might open for you to type your message.
  5. Type the message in the Start a message field at the bottom of the page.
  6. When you are done, you might tap the Arrow icon to send the message.
That's how we think the Bluesky direct message feature might work if it's eventually added into Bluesky.

However, we promise to update this page as soon as official information, instructions and steps on how to send a direct message is released by Bluesky. 

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