Why Bluesky Uses Butterfly as Its Logo?

You are aware that Bluesky now uses butterfly as its logo, but why? Bluesky is getting a fresh look with a brand new logo – the social butterfly, here's all we know about this recent development. Discover why Bluesky logo is butterfly, explore the reason for using a butterfly as Bluesky logo.

Why Bluesky Uses Butterfly as Its Logo

Wondering why Bluesky went for a butterfly? In a recent post by Jay Graber, who announced a new logo for Bluesky, she said besides the obvious fact that Butterfly can fly, it's all about the symbolism of change and transformation.

Turns out, people were already using the butterfly emoji 🦋 to rep their Bluesky handles, and Bluesky loved the vibe. The butterfly perfectly captures their mission to shake up social media.

Just like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, Bluesky is gradually opening up. I hope you have now discovered why Bluesky logo is butterfly, exploring the reason for using a butterfly as Bluesky logo.

While Bluesky posts have always been public through the open protocol, today they're taking it a step further by making them publicly accessible through the app. It's a slow unfold, and they're pumped to take you on this metamorphic journey!

And about that name – "Bluesky" wasn't just a placeholder; it stuck around as a nod to the project's origins at Twitter. The name's got this memorable quality and represents the vast possibilities in Bluesky's open ecosystem. It's like the Twitter bird breaking free and soaring in this open space.

As Bluesky evolved, they named the underlying standard the AT Protocol, or atproto. Bluesky, being the vibrant name everyone knew, became the moniker for the first app they built on atproto. But here's the thing – Bluesky is just the beginning.

More apps and experiences are popping up, from custom feeds to various clients. Bluesky envision itself as the catalyst for transforming how social media operates, much like a butterfly's wings creating a ripple effect.

Not a fan of butterflies? No worries! The beauty of an open network is that anyone can build on it and customize it to their liking. If you prefer birds, imagine someone creating BirdSky, and you can seamlessly switch while staying connected in the same network with your pals and posts.

What makes Bluesky even cooler? It's "billionaire-proof." In an open network, you have the freedom to choose and switch. Just like changing email providers or phone carriers, you won't be stuck at the mercy of private companies or mysterious algorithms. Wherever you go, your friends and connections come along for the ride. So, who's ready to spread their wings in the Bluesky universe?

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