This is the only free Bluesky Blocked Checker in the whole world, this tool lets you see who blocked you on bluesky as well as who you blocked. You can use it to check Bluesky mute list, in-common blocks, handle history, number of Bluesky active users, etc. It was developed by

Did You Know? 
You can now mute words on Bluesky, meaning you can now mute posts containing certain words so they don't appear on your newsfeed, see How To Mute Words on Bluesky.


To see who blocked you on Bluesky, just press the CHECK LIST button below and select "Who is blocking them" from the available options,

Then enter your Bluesky handle starting with the @ symbol (e.g @emanueledem) and press SUBMIT. That's all, you will see all the users that have blocked you on Bluesky.

If you want to see the Bluesky top blocked list and Bluesky most blocked list, use this free Bluesky Top Block List Checker.

If you want to see who blocked you on Bluesky, use the free Bluesky Block Checker below, press CHECK LIST.

Bluesky Top blocked list checker

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