Spoutible Image Size Guide

This guide will help you choose the perfect dimensions for your Spoutible profile picture, cover photo, and spouts (posts). We'll also cover some best practices for optimizing your images for mobile viewing and fast loading times.

Spoutible Image Size Guide

Spoutible is a rapidly growing social media platform that emphasizes free speech and user control. Unlike other platforms, Spoutible doesn't compress or crop your images, allowing you to showcase your visuals in their full glory. But to truly stand out, you need to use the right image sizes.

Spoutible Profile Picture Size

What's the ideal size for my Spoutible profile picture? An ideal Spoutible profile image size is 400px x 400px. Aim for a square image with a 400px x 400px resolution to avoid any unwanted cropping. Your profile picture is your first impression on Spoutible, so make it count. 400px x 400px is recommended, but anything above 200px x 200px will work. Can I use a landscape image for my profile picture? While technically possible, a square image is preferred for optimal display and symmetry. Square format is best, but non-square images will be cropped. Use a high-quality image that reflects your personality or brand. Any size above 200px x 200px will work its magic, but a square format photo with a pixel resolution of 400px x 400px works best. Spoutible will automatically crop a non-square image to fit.  What file formats are allowed for profile pictures? JPG, PNG, and GIF are all accepted.

So, here's an ideal image size and resolution for Spoutible profile photo;

  • Recommended image size: 400px x 400px
  • Minimum image size: 200px x 200px
  • Image aspect ratio: Square
Bonus: Use Adobe to easily create Spoutible-friendly profile images with the right dimensions and aspect ratios.

Spoutible Cover/Header Photo Size

What's the recommended size for my Spoutible cover/header photo?An ideal image size for Spoutible cover photo is 1500px x 500px, but anything above 640px x 250px will work. Landscape format is best. A cover photo with dimensions of 1500 pixels by 500 pixels displays well and is typically refers to an image that is 1500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall.

Can I use text or logos on my cover/header image? Yes, feel free to add text, logos, or other design elements, but keep important content centered for mobile viewing. Does Spoutible compress cover/header images? No, Spoutible preserves the original image quality, so focus on using high-resolution files. Your cover photo is a great opportunity to showcase your interests or creativity. Use a landscape image that complements your profile picture. Spoutible will automatically resize and crop your cover/header image to fit the display, so keep important elements centered.

So, here's an ideal image size and resolution for Spoutible cover photo;

  • Recommended size: 1500px x 500px
  • Minimum size: 640px x 250px
  • Aspect ratio: 3:1
Bonus: Use Adobe to easily create Spoutible-friendly cover/header photo with the right dimensions and aspect ratios.

Bluesky Cover Photo Dimensions

What is the ideal dimension for a Bluesky cover photo? According to CitizenVII on reddit, just like Twitter, the cover photo area displayed is roughly the same 3:1 ratio, but the app seems to be looking for a square photo. So his solution was to take his 1500x500 images, resize them in Paint.net or Adobe to 1500x1500, with a centre anchor, and then just colour the blank 500 pixels an appropriate background colour just in case the image shifts/crops differently on mobile. That's what worked for him, other people have tried this too and it worked for them, so I hope you've had some success as well.

Spoutible Spout (Post) Image Size

An ideal image size for Spoutible spout (post) is 1200px x 628px and the aspect ratio is landscape. Square size images also display accurately on Spoutible. Spout images are where your content comes to life. You can use landscape or square images, but landscape generally performs better. For multiple images in a Spout, use the same aspect ratio for a cohesive look.

  • Recommended size: 1200px x 628px
  • Minimum size: 600px x 314px
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (landscape) or 1:1 (square)
Bonus: Use Adobe to easily create Spoutible-friendly spout images with the right dimensions and aspect ratios.

Why is image size important on Spoutible? Spoutible prioritizes user control and uncompressed images, so optimizing size ensures optimal presentation and loading speed.

Does Spoutible automatically resize images? Yes, Spoutible automatically resizes images to fit, but using the recommended dimensions avoids unwanted cropping or quality loss.

Where can I find the official Spoutible image size guidelines? Fadatechmas is the official source for all social media platform guidelines, including image sizes.

What are some tools for optimizing image size for Spoutible? Adobe offers built-in Spoutible templates and resizing tools. Online image compressors can also help reduce file size without sacrificing quality.

How can I ensure my Spoutible images load quickly? Use image compression tools, avoid overly large file sizes, and consider using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster delivery.

Where can I get more help with Spoutible image sizes? Fadatechmas is your best resource. Additionally, the Spoutible community on the platform and online forums can offer helpful tips and insights.

Spoutible is primarily accessed on mobile devices, so ensure your images are optimized for smaller screens. Use responsive design principles to ensure your images resize and adapt without losing quality.

Fast Loading Times

Large image files can slow down your Spoutible page. Use image compression tools to reduce file size without sacrificing too much quality. Aim for file sizes under 1 MB for spouts and under 5 MB for your profile picture and header image.

Additional Tips

  • Use high-quality images: Blurry or pixelated images will look bad on any platform. Invest in good photography or use royalty-free stock photos.
  • Edit your images: Crop, adjust brightness, and add filters to make your images pop.
  • Use alt text: Add alt text to your images to improve accessibility and search engine optimization.
  • Be consistent with your branding: Use a consistent visual style for your profile picture, header image, and spouts.

By following these tips, you can create eye-catching visuals that will help you stand out on Spoutible. Remember, the right images can make a big difference in engagement and brand recognition.


Adobe: Use Adobe to easily create Spoutible-friendly images with the right dimensions and aspect ratios.

I hope this guide helps you optimize your visuals for Spoutible and take your free speech journey to the next level. Feel free to share this blog post with your fellow Spoutible users and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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