How To Link Bluesky To Flipboard

Flipboard Integrates Bluesky and Pixelfed - See How To Connect Bluesky Account To Flipboard

This is another great news for both the Flipboard users and the latest social media platform, Bluesky users, as Flipboard, the world's first social magazine where people go for information and inspiration, has disclosed the integration of Bluesky social and Pixelfed, as a way to further expand its connections with the federated social web. 

To this effect, the most recent version of Flipboard's app for iPhone, iPad and Android now has a beta feature that gives Flipboard users a visual way to flip through articles, photos and posts from Bluesky social, a new Twitter alternative by Jack Dorsey.

The integrations come a few months after Flipboard had joined the movement toward a new, federated model for social media networking with the integration of Mastodon, and mark another significant step in Flipboard's commitment to break down barriers between platforms.

Flipboard has disclosed that in the coming weeks, Pixelfed, an open-source platform that can be used as an alternative to Instagram, will be integrated into its platform as well.

Why Flipboard Integrates Bluesky Social

Explaining why Flipboard has decided to integrate Bluesky social into its platform, Mike McCue, the CEO and cofounder of Flipboard explained that: 

"....creators and influential Twitter users are rapidly adopting the social web via open services like Mastodon, Bluesky and Pixelfed,"

He further revealed that by integrating these services into Flipboard, the platform is giving its users one place to discover and interact with all the content and people on the growing social web, no matter which service it's posted from.

How To Link Bluesky Account To Flipboard

To connect your Bluesky account to Flipboard, you need to have the Flipboard's app for iPhone, iPad or Android. 

If you already have any of this, just open the Flipboard app and go to the accounts section (by tapping on the four-squares icon and then tap on the "accounts" tab). 

Select Bluesky social, Congratulations, you have successfully connect your Bluesky account to Flipboard.

What Are The Benefits?

What are the advantages of connecting Bluesky account to Flipboard? Here are some of the benefits of linking Bluesky to Flipboard:

1. Once connected, users can flip through posts, photos and articles shared via Bluesky, as well as easily browse individual accounts and the What's Hot feed. 

2. In addition to seeing Bluesky content in Flipboard, users can reply, like and repost on Bluesky from within the Flipboard app. 

3. They can also flip content from Bluesky into their Flipboard Magazines to share with people who follow them. In the coming days, Pixelfed account holders will be able to follow these steps to see their feeds in Flipboard. 

4. Flipboard makes use of the APIs for Mastodon, Bluesky and Pixelfed for the integrations, while taking steps towards an integration at the protocol level, aiming to make its own platform part of the emerging social web. 

Dear esteemed readers, what are your views on this?

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